How Do You Like the New Blog?

Isn’t it beautiful? Fresh, light, and inviting, right? It was time for a design update, and with our great new pictures, how could I resist? We did a photo shoot last Wednesday while we were at Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake, MN, and we love the results!

Leave a comment, if you’re brave enough, and let us know your thoughts about the new look!

-Taylor for the Garms

4 thoughts on “How Do You Like the New Blog?

  1. Improved!

    The only thing that would improve it more would be rolling over to WordPress. 🙂

    Sorry, I have a hard time resisting that any time a blogspot-based blogger asks about the design. (Plus, posting a comment is WAY simpler on WordPress, and I don’t have to leave your site to do it!)

    Should you have any interest at switching over, I’d be more than happy to offer tips – gratis, of course.

    You see, it’s not like you’re just another group – you’re regular commenters on my blog, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s a big step in the direction of directly considering you a friend (though I generally wait to use that word till I’ve met someone in person, since it’s so often misused, especially in this genre!)

  2. Glad it passed your “im-pproval” (new word there – should copyright it). 🙂 Thanks for being “brave enough” to comment!

    I’ve done minimal research into WordPress, but don’t quite know how to use it yet (it’s not as simple and functional as Blogspot :). I’m learning! I’ll be sure to shoot you some questions as I delve into it more-thanks for the offer!

    Thanks again for stopping by. With homeschooling and the love of Southern Gospel Music in common, how can we not be friends? We look forward to meeting you in person someday!

    Taylor for the Garms

  3. Thank you, Hannah, for your encouragement. (Wow, another brave person – we’re on a roll! 🙂 Sure appreciate your input; thanks for visiting!

    I’ll “talk” to you later!

    Taylor for the Garms

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