Who Is This?

Last week, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb had the privilege to talk with a special person. Do you know who he is*? (If you’re into Southern Gospel music, it should be pretty easy!)

Look for a special video interview on SouthernGospelBlog.com and pictures coming soon!
*For those who aren’t familiar with Southern Gospel music, the man the LAs are speaking with is Ernie Haase of the Signature Sound Quartet.

7 thoughts on “Who Is This?

  1. Question for the LAs: Do you guys feel like it makes you less nervous to have everything you want to say pre-scripted ahead of time? I wondered whether you might feel more comfortable if you simply had a rough idea in your minds and just went for it spontaneously. But maybe that would make things worse! I’m not sure.

  2. Dear YGG,

    We think that it feels better to have it scripted. We don’t think we could make it through without it. Jayme was nervous, because “Ernie is a top-tier group.” 🙂 But we all agree…it was a GREAT TIME! 😆

    -The LAs

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