4 thoughts on “More New Videos from the Garms Family

  1. Thanks for sharing more videos!

    We are looking forward to coming to your concert Sunday evening! 🙂 Will you be there for the Chili supper as well?


  2. You’re welcome, Amy!

    Oh, that would be so neat to see y’all again this Sunday! We are preparing to leave this morning to head your way, and are looking forward to a great concert on Sunday night. 🙂

    I know we will be around for the chili supper, but eating the chili depends on how fast we pack up! 😉

    See you on Sunday!

    -Taylor for TGF

    P.S. I’m “anonymous” because Google is not cooperating with me today! 🙁

  3. YGG,

    The lights are bright on stage! 🙂 Seriously, they wore the sunglasses when we practiced that song one sunny day and they have added them to their routine ever since! We just smile…while the people laugh and point. Sam likes to make people laugh, and Caleb loves to copy! 🙂



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