Pictorial Recollections (December 2012)

The Garms Family blogger was slow to post this picture post of memories from December, but enjoy the photos anyway!

Also, thank you to everyone who submitted captions for this silly photo!  To read all the captions, click here, and check out the winning one below!

Was that Scott Fowler who just walked by?

“Was that Scott Fowler who just walked by?” (Caption submitted by Daniel Mount)

The 2013 concert season kicks off next week at First Baptist Church in Baxter, MN, so be sure to visit our calendar to see when we’ll be in your area!

One thought on “Pictorial Recollections (December 2012)

  1. I love the pictures! I miss seeing and visiting with you guys so, so much. Thank you to Jayme for the lovely note in my church mail box. Continue to sing unto the Lord. Hope to see you this Sunday. I will have guests coming Saturday to spend the night and share the day. Yeah!

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