Video – Gospel Music: Family Style!

What fun we had at the Voices of Peace Gospel Festival this past weekend of Hilbert, WI!  We always enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, great friends, and the opportunity to share the Gospel and our music in a couple 20 minute sets.  🙂  Y’all should come and join us next year!

While we were preparing for our set on Saturday, we were followed by a reporter (who was covered in cameras!), and we had fun talking with him as we practiced and got ready to get on stage.  We discovered today he used the footage of our family in a special video highlight of the weekend.  Wow, thanks Ron!  Here’s the video for your enjoyment:

3 thoughts on “Video – Gospel Music: Family Style!

  1. Loved the video. Its great to see you all getting the recognition you deserve. I love you all and hope to see you soon. It was great seeing you the other day. Hugs all around. Have a great and blessed Labor Day weekend.

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