Updated press release…and other miscellaneous news!

It’s finally snowing in Minnesota!  We have heard from friends as far away as North Carolina that they received snow before we did in the swamplands of Braham.  Surprising, huh?  🙂  We played one Christmas song during our practice session today and immediately it began to snow.  We had to laugh at the Lord’s timing!

It has been an incredibly long time since I last updated our blog — and it is not because I have a lack of stories to relate!  Far from it.  So much has happened to our family within the past couple months that it is difficult to know how to even begin sharing the adventures.

And so, I’ll keep this short for now.  The Nautilus — yes, good Ole Glory Bus has been replaced! — is nearly packed and ready for a trip to Kansas this weekend.  The instruments are all around me, snug inside their cases and waiting to be loaded tomorrow morning.  It’s a long travel day tomorrow, and I really must be wrapping up a couple food items for the trip.

I really want to bring to your attention that our family’s press release has been updated.  We keep noticing a sorely outdated release appearing in papers, and some friends kindly brought to our attention yet another press release, filled with typos (our fault!).  If you are hosting us at your church or event some time in the future, we would encourage you to use the one available on our website now and discard any previous one.

Oh, and just for fun: Here’s a picture a friend of ours caught at our recent concert at Emmanuel Baptist in Duluth, MN.  I love everyone’s expressions!  We were trying out a new harmony technique on a family song — and Laura captured everyone’s thoughts through her lens: “Oh, are we going to pull this off?” 😀

The Garms Family singing "As for Me and My House"

Someday soon I’ll have to write some real updates.  (Those were so fun to write and read!)  We do look forward to meeting you somewhere along the road!  What a joy to walk with our Savior and share His good news!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!

Taylor for TGF


5 thoughts on “Updated press release…and other miscellaneous news!

  1. What a blessed, encouraging, and inspiring time it was! Praising the LORD for the wonderful time we were able to share. Thank you so much…your music ministry is AWESOME!

    • Wow! I am checking what I wrote and it is only in part 🙁 . We wanted you to know that we had an awesome time with you and are so thankful for your ministry. And also for the encouragement, inspiration, and meaningful worship through song that is poured out to us through you during the performances. We also wanted you to know that we are so very thankful to the LORD for you…you are all an awesome blessing. Praising HIM!

  2. congrats on the new transportation. wow, looks nice! hope it serves you well. enjoyed seeing you several times this year in Iowa, including the MWQA. hope to see you again next year. may God continue to bless you as you sing for Him!

  3. thanks for keeping in touch. I was not to eager to see the snow, but it is Minnesota. Great to hear of the new vehicle. Hope your travels are filled with joy. Good thoughts going out to you and all your wonderful work and added blessings.

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