2010 Midwest Quartet Convention: Saturday

Brr! Fall has definitely arrived here in Minnesota! The wind has been blowing strong for the past three days and we even had some snow flurries yesterday. We had such a beautiful October otherwise.
Ben and Sam are recording the drum track to “Bigger Than Any Mountain” right now as the others try to do school. The whole track itself is turning out nicely, very Southern Gospel sounding. We can’t wait to have the Lil’ Adventurers add the vocals!
I promised I would post pictures from Saturday at the Midwest Quartet Convention. Here they are!
Sam, talking on the phone.

He couldn’t live without his guitar! Ben’jamin’.

At the Adventureland palace, Sam and Caleb pose, looking like true quartet men. 🙂

Now this was a good group! Heaven’s Call from Ill. had a neat bluesy-sound, complete with a B-3 organ player.

Hear by Faith and others wanted to hear us sing, so we did an imprompto concert outside the Palace. Thanks to Todd of Faithfulmen for taking these pictures!


Sam, Jayme, and Caleb singing “Bigger Than Any Mountain” with Ben and I backing them up on guitar and mandolin.

This “young” man of the Foundation Quartet, known as the Energizer Bunny, was caught napping!

Okay, time for the story! Deanna Green of Hear by Faith and the MWQA board extended a special invitation to our family to sing two songs on stage. We were shocked, and honored! Many, many people had been asking us all weekend if we were singing (I think we have “singers” written our foreheads!), and we kept telling people weren’t part of the association yet, though we had just turned in our application. Everyone was as surprised and excited as our family was to see us on the MWQA stage at 6:00 pm. We were very warmly accepted and had a great time!

Singing on the stage: Sam, Jayme, Ben, and Leesha.

A different point of view. (Thanks to Dave Larson for taking these pictures!)

The Lil’ Adventurers!

This group needed a bass, so our friend Deanna Green added some low notes (we all know that is was actually Mike from the Chancellors…or was it?).
SG groups can be so cruel to each other! Here One Voice gets Stillwater Quartet back for interrupting their time slot. They raided Stillwater’s bus and thought they would share. 🙂

Sam, Mom, and Dad enjoying the music.

Caleb’s “Second Favorite Trio”: Master’s Voice from OK (second only to Booth Brothers, of course!). He could not stop talking about them or the CDs he got from them all weekend!

The Chancellors Quartet from MN. I say this is the best regional quartet ever! If you ever hear they are coming to your area, go see them! You will be blessed.

Talking after the convention was over with members of 4 His Love Quartet (another one of our new favorites). The best part about the convention were the new friendships made with many different people.

Heading home on Sunday, and of course, where else would we be? The whole family at Arbys (thanks to the man who took the picture!).

Blessings on your week!

Taylor for the Garms

2010 Midwest Quartet Convention: Friday


This was our first year to attend the Midwest Quartet Convention in Des Moines, Iowa! We were so excited, as we had heard about it for years, and now finally the opportunity to experience the fun weekend. It was amazing! Lots of neat groups were there and we had the chance to meet many new friends, and renew old acquaintances.
Here are the photo memories!

Caleb browsing through the newest Vision Forum catalog.

The scene from where I sit in the van.

Arriving at the Adventureland Palace.

Let the fun begin! The happy-clappy-snappy-drumming-always moving-and-singing Garms family.

Three Redeemed! What a beautiful spirit and love for the Lord! We enjoyed meeting Dixie Philips and her friends, and look forward to singing with them at the 2011 Floyd Gospel Sing in Floyd, Iowa.

Our friends, Stillwater Quartet from Kentucky. Great group, though we can’t figure out why they call themselves “STILLwater”- there’s nothing still about them, in fact they’re always moving!

Our new friends, Hear by Faith from Hermantown, MN. We have heard about them for several years and finally were privileged to meet them. A wonderful, encouraging group! We’d enjoyed fellowshipping with them, and listening to their music and advice.

Here’s an awesome quartet! 4 His Love Quartet from Missouri has a very reminiscent sound of the legendary Cathedral Quartet and a neat stage presence. We were going to leave before the Friday concerts were over, as it was getting late. One of the group members’ wives stopped us and asked us to stay to hear 4 His Love, as they just loved watching our enthusiasm. We stayed, and were we glad we did! They were great.

Some other friends, the Faithful Men Quartet! We’ve enjoyed seeing them for several years and it was good to catch up with them.

“You don’t have to be crazy, but it helps!” Higher Power Quartet from Iowa.

Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb with the Steve Mickelson, the bass from Higher Power.

Something is wrong with this picture…Can you find spot it? Yep! We have another member of the family! Our “adopted brother”, Tommy Bruce, tenor from Stillwater Quartet joined our family for a while. 🙂

Hanging out! Ben and Jayme having fun with Tommy.

The booths.

Well, that wraps up my best Friday photos. Next up, Saturday, and some pretty cool stories that you can’t miss! Here’s a picture to keep you wondering for a while:

Do they look familiar?

Blessings and Joy in the Journey,
T for the Garms