Introducing “Tried and True”!

It is always a long process to plan, record, and produce a new album.  From the song selection to finally sending off the master, it is time-consuming — though thrilling (for the most part :) ).  And there is nothing more exciting than finally seeing UPS pull up and deliver the finished project to the front deck.

We have been anticipating Tried and True ever since our first CD, Thank You, Lord.  Ever since we started singing, people have requested particular songs after a concert, and we have been mentally keeping a list of those songs for years.  In January 2014, we had a family meeting to narrow down the top requests — our “tried and true” songs — we had collected.  It was a little difficult, to say the least!  For good measure, we also selected several of our family’s favorites as well.

For the past six months we have been preparing this project with love and excitement.  These songs are the ones that minister the most to our audiences, and includes the oft-requested, “Mountain with His Hand”, written by Taylor.

We received 1000 CDs of Tried and True today, and we’re praising God.  Knowing we had a very busy month in August, we had been praying that the shipment would arrive before the end of July.  Today is July 29th, and God is right on time — as usual!  :)  We are praying this album will minister to those who listen to it, and that it would bring a blessing each time the songs are played.

The very first CD, Tried and True!

The very first CD from the shipment!

You can purchase the CD on our music page and hear clips below.  Take a listen and let us know which clips you liked hearing the most! :)

  1. Welcome to the Family The Garms Family 0:42
  2. O, Say But I'm Glad The Garms Family 0:40
  3. Thank You, Lord, for Your Blessings The Garms Family 0:41
  4. Who Can Do Anything The Garms Family 0:41
  5. I Want to Know More The Garms Family 0:40
  6. Mountain with His Hand The Garms Family 0:41
  7. The Old Country Church The Garms Family 0:41
  8. When He Cometh The Garms Family 0:41
  9. God Has a Plan The Garms Family 0:41
  10. I'm Glad I Know Jesus Is The Garms Family 0:41
  11. Nearer My God to Thee The Garms Family 0:41

His Unworthy Servants,

The Garms Family

The Garms Family is going South!

The last load of clothes has been washed, the instruments are put in their cases, food is prepared, and most of us are packed (we won’t say who isn’t, though!).  We are finishing details for a two-week tour down South, and are we excited!  This trip has come together only by the Lord’s hand and guidance, and we can’t wait to see what He has in store; we are thrilled to meet new friends and visit new states.

Besides that, we are looking forward to a break from our Minnesotan spring :) :



We will be trying to post often during the tour, keeping you up to date with our happenings on the road (you never know what may happen on the Glory Bus!).  It’s going to be a GREAT adventure!  Will we be seeing you somewhere down the road?  Leave a comment and let us know!


(For more information on any concert, visit our schedule.)

West Union, IA
Wednesday, March 26th, 7 PM
Bethany Lutheran Church

Newton, IA
Thursday, March 27th, 7 PM
Bar None Cowboy Church

Manteno, IL
Friday, March 28th, 7 PM
Risen Savior Lutheran Church

Hopkinsville, KY
Sunday, March 30th, 6:30 PM
Faith Lutheran Church

Sarasota, FL
Wednesday, April 2nd, 6:30 PM
Faith Baptist Church

Sarasota, FL
Friday, April 4th, 6:30 PM
Laborers for Christ Rendezvous (Sun N’ Fun Campground)

Warner Robins, GA
Saturday, April 5th, 7 PM
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

Athens, GA
Sunday, April 6th, 6:30 PM
Trinity Lutheran Church

Grinnell, IA
Wednesday, April 9th, 6:30 PM
Grinnell Christian Church

CD #4, “Tried and True”, is in the works!

January has not only ushered in the new year, but also plans for a new CD project!  Over the years we have received many requests for specific concert favorites to be recorded, and we have decided “It’s time!”  Our fourth CD is called Tried and True and will include tried and true classics such as “Thank You, Lord for Your Blessings on Me” (Mom’s testimony song), “Old Country Church”, “When He Cometh”, “Who Can Do Anything”, “Mountain with His Hand” (Taylor’s original song), and “I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is” – and more!  We’ll let you know when it is finished and available!

We commenced recording in our home studio, Agate Street Studios, yesterday, and took some video for you to experience what it is like for The Garms Family to record.  We hope you enjoy it! :)

(Can’t watch the video here? Click through to view it directly on YouTube:

Recap: Voices of Peace 2013!

How are you all doing?  Have you had a good summer?  Can you believe it’s almost over?

Sorry for the all the questions!  Perhaps I should answer them for ourselves:

#1 – We are doing well!  It is great to be home after an extremely busy month of festivals.  School has started for the youngest TGFers (no, we still haven’t thought of a good nickname for them) and Leesha is approaching her official graduation from home school!  Preparations for our fourth CD are in full swing; the title of it is “Tried and True”…and you’ll just have to wait for more information about it!

#2 – Here’s a resounding “YES” to that question!  :)

#3 – No!  Summers rapidly sneak away from you when you are a busy touring family ministry.

August was full of festivals – three to be exact.  (Don’t seem like much, aye?  Well, you’ve never been to three of them in one month then.  Try it sometime.)  First, the month kicked off with the Field of Praise Festival in Marion, WI.  We sang at Cup of Joy in Green Bay, WI the night before and had a fantastic time. (Want to see a couple photos from the evening? Here ya go!)  On Saturday, August 3rd, we spent the day singing and reconnecting with friends at Field of Praise.

The next festival after two “normal” concerts (should I mention that straight after our return to Minnesota, most of us came down with nasty colds…thus taking down three of our main vocalists, Leesha, Jayme, and Caleb for the two concerts the next weekend?) was Voices of Peace in Hilbert, WI!  (It was our second time there – last year was such a blessing that we couldn’t wait to return this year!)

If I began to type all the stories of the weekend, I would be here till midnight (well, probably longer with how slow I think type).  That being the case, is it okay if I let pictures do the talking for me?  Good, I knew you’d be agreeable.  :)  (And, if anything, you could watch a video highlighting the festival.)  Scroll down for the photo gallery.

Thanks to Bud and Carolyn McAtee (Voices of Peace) for inviting us to come this year and to Pastor Marc Axelrod and everyone from Peace Evangelical and Reformed Church in Potter, WI for hosting such a superlative, God-honoring festival!  It’s our honor to participate and share the message of Christ!

I’ll try to cover the next festivals in some upcoming blog posts.   Until next time…

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!

Taylor for TGF