New Name, New Website, Fresh Vision

It is with great excitement that the Garms Family (formerly known as Great Adventure Gospel Band) introduces their new name and redesigned website. Filled with fresh vision, this musical family from Braham, Minnesota is thrilled to continue the journey the Lord set them on in 2008.

It became clear to the family band that their former name, Great Adventure Gospel Band, was too cumbersome and difficult for promoters to say and remember; besides, people seemed to recall them as “The Garms Family”.  So, after much prayer, consideration, conversations, and advice, the Garms Family took on the old new name:

The Garms Family

(We’re a family, and our last name is Garms, so, why not call ourselves thus? 🙂 )

Yes, the sentimental name “Great Adventure Gospel Band” is retired, which ties in the “Great Adventure” story and a direct emphasis on “gospel band”.  But to provide a clear representation of who they are as a band and keep some aspects of the former title, the Garms Family has taken up the tagline: Minnesota’s Family of Southern Gospel Music. 

As 2012 moves on, the Garms Family is refreshed with the vision to encourage the body of believers with inspiring, challenging, and light-heartening songs (some old, some new, some borrowed, and some blue – well, maybe not blue!), and to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who may not yet believe.  They are striving to give each concert performance their best and keep polishing the gifts and skills God has given them – all to His glory.  It is their passion to encourage people to live the Word, and are moving forward with this goal in mind.

So, take a tour of the new website; get to know the family, read the testimonies of God’s grace, see where the Garms Family is going next, and leave a comment – your thoughts are always welcome!  The Garms Family would love to hear from you, and hopes to see you soon!

On to the next chapter of “The Great Adventure”!

New Promotional Photos!

Hey Y’all!
I’m finally catching up on some housekeeping on the website! If you are promoting a concert with the Great Adventure Gospel Band and are desiring promotional material, please visit our Promoter’s page for new photos and an updated press release. If you experience any difficulty downloading any of our promotional items, do not hesitate to email:
Also I added three new concert dates to our calendar yesterday; so check those out – we’d love to see you soon! I believe we are around 49 appearances for 2011; praise the Lord!
We sang last night in Gregory Park, Brainerd, MN and were SO thankful it was beautiful weather for the concert! The storm clouds began to gather and thunder began to roll right after we stopped singing and, with extra helping hands of friends, we were able to beat the rain! It was close, though! The most unique aspect of the concert was the bandshell we sang in. It was about nine feet off the ground and we had to climb a flight of scary stairs inside/underneath the bandshell to get all our heavy equipment on to the “stage” area.
And now we are looking at a weekend off and wondering what we are going to do with all our “free” time! 🙂
Hope you have a wonderful, God-blessed weekend!
Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for TGF

How Do You Like the New Blog?

Isn’t it beautiful? Fresh, light, and inviting, right? It was time for a design update, and with our great new pictures, how could I resist? We did a photo shoot last Wednesday while we were at Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake, MN, and we love the results!

Leave a comment, if you’re brave enough, and let us know your thoughts about the new look!

-Taylor for the Garms

A Few Updates

You may notice the new page on the blog: Friends and Favorites. You’ll find a bunch of links to our friends and favorites. Check it out today!

In family news: Ben and Mom just returned home from Ben’s driver’s test. HE PASSED! Good for him; we’re excited! (I just heard Ben say from the kitchen, “Now Taylor will be up next.” Oh boy!)

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for the Garms Family