Though our Christmas wishes are a bit late, we still say from our home to yours: Merry Christmas!


“But our citizenship is in heaven, and we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ” Philippians 3:20

As Christmas 2008 approaches, we lift our eyes upward toward heaven, gazing into the darkened night sky, remembering the simple story of the first Christmas long ago. We also wonder, watch, and wait, as did the people of old, for the Messiah to come…again. The comforting words of an old carol ring so true, “God is not dead, nor doth He sleep; The wrong shall fail, the right prevail with peace on earth, good-will to men.” Yes, God lives! Yes, His promises still remain true. So please join with us as we celebrate Jesus’ first coming and look forward with eager anticipation for His second coming!

Ben interviewed everyone about their favorite Christmas. Some know the meaning of brevity in their answers, while others’ memories had to be edited for length.

CALEB: “I remember the year before last year.” (Ben: “Why?”) “Because I do.”

JAYME: “Last year (2007), because it was only a year ago.”

SAM: “Last year (2007), because we got a bunch of Thomas the Tank engine stuff.”

LEESHA: “The Christmas of 1999, all of us kids were assigned (at random) to buy another sibling gifts. I truly enjoyed being able to be a giver, and not totally a getter. My assigned person was Whitney. I bought her a Beanie Baby dog and a book. The funny thing I remember was Dad putting a weight in the package, making it heavier than it really was. Whitney had no clue what she was getting!”

TAYLOR: “I remember the Christmas of 1998 because I received an ugly Ken doll for my doll collection-how traumatic! (Ben: “Want to share another Christmas?”) That wasn’t good enough? All right. It was the first Christmas in our travel trailer. We were in California and I was convinced we weren’t going to receive any Christmas presents (how much stuff can you stuff in a 33-foot travel trailer?). A few days before Christmas, we were shopping at a store and I saw a movie I really wanted. Since I was sure we weren’t getting any gifts, I begged for the video-something I rarely do (trust me!). Mom eventually bought it, and I admit I felt guilty afterwards for begging. Christmas Eve morning came and the dinette of our trailer was covered with Christmas gifts. What a surprise”
Ben: “I remember the Christmas of 2001. We discovered on the floor of our living room, a pile of toys, socks, coloring books, and the like. My first thought was Mom and Dad had bought the toys for poor kids and were going to give them away. I was a little envious because I saw a Lego set which had taken my fancy. But when Dad and Mom woke up and were questioned, they said the toys were for us. When Dad finished his work before the weekend, he discovered in the back of his car a plastic garbage bag filled with the toys. Apparently a man from Dad’s work had bought the toys for us because he was concerned for us kids; Dad’s hours had been cut (he was a small aircraft mechanic and the aircraft industry was affected by the 911 attacks). It almost brings me to tears…all I can think of is that man’s generosity and my unworthiness. On top of the gifts given by the man, we were blessed with presents from Dad and Mom. God did not only bless us with His mercy, the forgiveness of sins though Jesus Christ, but also with His grace and every blessing that comes from above.”
Kris: “I remember a Christmas around the age of sixteen, my mom and dad bought me a classical guitar. I was totally shocked!! I have always wondered how they picked it out. I also remember my mom receiving a huge ice-fishing spear. I think she was totally shocked!”
Dave: “Every dad has a stay up late in the night story…We still lived in Blaine, MN when I found myself staying up into the wee hours of the morning assembling a rocking horse, just like the ones Kris and I remembered when growing up – springs and all. The smiles of the kids the next morning and the many pretend miles traveled on it made it all worth while.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Garms Family