TRAVEL LOG: March 11th, 2010

The Great Adventure Gospel Band is on the way to Nebraska! It’s 11: 15 a.m. and we are nearing Mankato, MN. The Lil’ Adventurers cannot wait to get to Nebraska and keep asking how many more hours till we reach our destination. Typical, huh?

Caleb beside me just finished listening to my Browns’ CD. In the girls’ seat ahead of me sits Uli coloring, Leesha napping, and Jayme reading a devotional. Ben is reading “Ten Peas in a Pod” by Arnold Pent III, and Sam is lost in a book as well! Dad is our chauffer and Mom is his snoozing co-pilot. Of course, I am typing this blog and drinking a very bitter cappachino.
We left around 8:20 this morning, later than we wanted to, but, oh well! We’re on our way and that’s what matters. Mal came in before we left and enjoyed talking to us about the weather for a while. I was able to take a few pictures and some video of him without him noticing me! I certainly pray he wil be safe while we are gone. Our friend from church, Ruth, will be checking in on him everyday. Thanks Ruth!

Braham was very foggy, but there wasn’t any rain until we reached Cambridge/Isanti. By the time we crossed over the Mississippi River Bridge in Coon Rapids, it was pouring and there was even hail pounding onto our van! Thankfully it did not do any damage.

As the rain pelted our van, I curled up my fleece blanket, grateful for the shelter and security of our enclosed vehicle. I couldn’t help but think of the pioneers on the Oregan Trail as they traveled through sleet, rain, hail, wind, and snow with limited protection from the elements. The canvas over their wagons barely covered them from the horrible weather they experienced on their journey. Here we sit in the comfort of our heated van, surrounded by all we need and want. Are we spoiled!

I remember a friend years ago once making the comment that we “are so sheltered.” She meant it a negative way (referring to our lifestyle choices), but I now echo her words in a grateful tone: “Yes, we are sheltered!”

I am grateful for the shelter my parents have provided for our family. They have made the choice to spend our time in fruitful ways, not wasting it by watching TV or listening to ungodly music. They shelter us from ungodly enviroments (i.e. public school) and try to cultivate a healthy atmosphere for us to grow in.

Who would throw their helpless toddler out into a torrent of rain and hail and say, “Okay, you need to experience this, so have a good time!”? Unless for some reason their hearts are so harded, I know of no parent who would put their child through such pain and misery. Think of the terrible consequences of that choice! Fevers and colds, chills and pnemonia, and possibly even death from unprotection. The child’s health could be ruined for the rest of his life!

Yet, so many parents do not provide the protection their children need for healthy and happy lives. They place them under ungodly influences with an attitude of indifference. They cast them into a cauldron of wickedness and defend their actions with the thought that, “They need the experience, to know what the real world is like.” Or perhaps it is all they have never known different. How heartbreaking!

I once heard it said that home was place to come in out of the rain. Dad and Mom have always tried to make our home a safe haven, shelter from the rain, and I am grateful for their protection. I trust their desicions and have been blessed by their choices. Without their love, I would be drenched by the acid rain of the polluting clouds of the world. Praise God for shelter!

“Thank You Lord for the shelters in our lives, places to get out of the rain. Thank You for parents and those who care enough to protect us from the unnessecary storms of life. Thank you for Your Word that You have given us for guidance and comfort. God, You are so good to us Amen.”