Hello Friends!

Ahh…what a nice weekend! It was rather uneventful, mundane, but filled with family-time and catching up on household stuff. On each night, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we either went on a family walk, bike-ride, or played outside. That was fun! Except for when we were chased by hundreds of horse flies on our bike ride. THAT was scarey! I beat everyone home because I was so terrified by the swarms! (That’s pretty rare for me to be in the lead on a bike-ride…ask anyone!)

Last weekend we had the great privilege to sing at First Presbyterian Church in Hinckley, MN. We had attended others’ concerts there for the past three or so years, and now we found ourselves as the ones up on stage! Well, most of us, anyway. Jayme shared her virus with Caleb and he was too ill to perform with us on July 3rd. We hoped and prayed he’d be able to sing with us, but he just wasn’t well enough. He slept in a side room during the concert, and we missed him sorely! Sam and Jayme covered “My Heart is a Chapel” very well without him, though, even adding a new microphone trick into their performance! (I’m not telling!) What a fun time we had at Hinckley with all our friends there. Thanks to Larry Sederstrom for bringing awesome gospel music to the area!

Caleb worsened on the Fourth, and Mom and a friend took him into the emergency room that evening. He was pretty dehydrated, but they got him on a IV, and soon he was feeling his normal self. Mom brought home great reports of how polite and brave he was, and Caleb’s eyes were shining when he introduced his new stuffed animal puppy a nurse gave him. Sam fell ill with the virus again on Monday, but thankfully we knew what to do right away. He made a quick recovery and now everyone is totally better! At last! Thanks be to God!

Well, I’ll write more later, perhaps with some more pictures.

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for the crew