Great Adventure hit the road again last Saturday (July 24th) and traveled to Perham, MN to help Calvary Lutheran Church celebrate their 50th anniversary!
Our tom-cat Timmi wanted to come along; here he is camping out in the trailer! (We have not found how to include him in the show yet!)

The view from behind the stage.

Dad and Ben unload the subwoofer.

Sam setting up his beloved drum set.

Caleb just helps out wherever he’s needed!

Caught you, Jayme!

Our wonderful mother tuning her beautiful bass.

Later, on the ride home, we stopped at a place where several transit buses were for sale. Can’t you tell Dad is certainly enjoying his time?

On Sunday, we were tired from the long day! In the afternoon, Dad and Ben set up the sound system on our porch to work out different quirks. Here Jayme and Sam test one the microphones.

Leesha, Caleb, and Ben join the fun!