Hey Ya’ll-ye-ya’ll! (I think that’s how the Southerners say it!)
What an AWESOME weekend! The Garms Family traveled up to Lake Itasca, MN to enjoy the fun and fellowship of LIFMF (Lake Itasca Family Music Festival) last weekend and thoroughly loved the experience. It was our second year to participate in the festival, and we are so glad we were able to make it again!

I’ll try to break up the pictures by the days so they will be easier to view and process. Here are pictures from Friday, August 6th, 2010:

Mal and Ben checking on the new kittens before we went. Mal turned 86 on August 7th, by the way.

Traveling! We put about 600 miles on the van for the entire weekend!

After finding a spot to sit, we enjoyed listening to Lindley Creek.

The talented Harper Family underneath the weird red lights!

Here’s some of the Garms gang!

Mom and Caleb get all snuggly! (Caleb’s 7th birthday is coming up way too fast!)