Okay, here’s the second round of Lake Itasca pictures from Saturday, August 7th!
Good Morning! Breakfast time at the hotel.

President Ben setting up the FOGMA table and banner.

Leesha and Caleb pose. I think these orange outfits are some of the most popular outfits we have ever worn for concerts! All of us must have received over a hundred comments on the uniforms. My favorite thing about the outfits was none of us ever got lost! 🙂

Jayme at the fiddle workshop.

The scramble right before we performed on the Heritage stage! That was lots of fun, and I think our set was well received.

Opps! I am out of time for today, so I’ll have to do Day Two, Part Two later! (Don’t worry, I’ll also get pictures from Day Three.) We are all busy preparing for my graduation this Saturday. Wow, I am actually graduating…I am actually done with school! (Well, okay, the learning never ends.) Hooray! I finished my last school subject yesterday morning. Here’s advice from a highschool, homeschool graduate: Keep it up, be diligent! Do not procrastinate, but stay focused on your tasks, and it will go well with you.

I’ll write later. Blessings and Joy in the Journey!

Taylor for the Garms family