The bluffs outside of our hotel in Wabasha.
Ben and Jayme are in the “studio” right now recording “He’s Still Working On Me.” I hear Jayme practicing her verse and Ben giving her tips as I write this blog. We have finished one song for our CD and are excited to keep recording. (I just heard Ben say, “Jayme, we’ve got to do this ALL over again.” Exactly what we all love to hear…not!)

God provided us with five concerts and busy weekends during the month of August! You’ve seen snapshots of the Lake Itasca Family Music Festival and our trip to Wabasha, so I’ll just continue the picture journey of our trips. These pictures start from Wabasha, MN and continue to Cushing, WI. Enjoy!

We keep saying we should be endorsed by Arbys, as it is our favorite restaurant! On our way home from Wabasha, we stopped the Arbys in Red Wing for lunch. We met a kind man named Doug there and he generously helped pay for our lunch. What a blessing!

Our beautiful home in Braham before we left for the Douglas County Fair in Alexandria, MN (August 22nd, 2010).

Checking the sound at the fair later that day.

After the concert at Godfather’s Pizza, Leesha and Caleb smile.

Sam and Jayme; they can’t wait for their pizza!

Ben and I grin for my arm’s length photography! 🙂
Dad and Mom.

August 29th found us busy with two concerts. Here we are at Fish Lake Lutheran for the morning outdoor church service.

We sang on top of this haywagon and I was worried we’d be blown off!

After an outfit change and a drive into Wisconsin, we got set up at Skonewood Christian Retreat Center in Cushing.

Nothing beats tuna and ham sandwiches! (Even Arbys and Godfathers!)

What a beautiful camp! I love to see all the different places God has created! “For the beauty of the earth, for the glory of the skies, for the love which from our birth, over and around us lies: Lord of all to Thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.”

Later, while waiting for Dad and Ben to finish loading the trailer, Mom led us in marching class. 🙂

We were very blessed and meet a lot of wonderful people during our month of August. Thank You Lord for all Your gifts to us!

BTW: Happy Labor Day!