Hey ya’ll!
Sorry I did not write last week; believe it or not, I was stricken with chicken pox and bedridden for three days. It was miserable, but God had mercy and provided healing. Never get chicken pox, okay? 🙂
Anyway, here’s the blog I wanted to do last week. Dick and Linda Lilienthal of the Nothern Lights Bluegrass Band (friends of ours) invited us to their home on Saturday, September 4th for a time of fun, music, and fellowship. Unfortunately, we had a funeral in the morning, so our time was limited, but what great time we had with our friends Northern Lights and others. I took quite a few pictures and think you will enjoy them.

Northern Lights tried to steal Ben from our group; they’re always saying they need his bass playing! Sorry guys, but you can’t have him!

Dad, singing, “Everybody’s Gonna Have a Wonderful Time Up There.” Don’t you just love his hat? Dick borrowed it to Dad and we all thought it looked really nice on him. (Jayme took this picture.)

The rest of us singing “Everybody”. (Another Jayme shot.)

Sam, Jayme, and Caleb are putting their best into “My Heart is a Chapel.”

Ben and Doug Ewert tried “Dueling Banjos.” That’s a dangerous song! Dad and Dick Lilienthal did the back-up work.

Mike Nelson, Jayme, and I played “Ashokan Farewell” in three part harmony. That was a neat experience! Mike is such an awesome violin player.

Later, we kids and other friends from the “party” went on a hay ride that stopped by. That was an adventure, I tell you! One of the wheels popped during the trip and other crazy things happened, but it was fun overall. 🙂 See if you can pick out us Garms kids in the midst of everyone else (there are six). (Thanks to Michelle Ostrom for taking the picture!)

Just hanging out. Jayme and her friend/pen pal Joy Ostrom are in the forefront.

Here’s the previous blog’s picture before I go. All of Northern Lights just loved Caleb and his vocal/guitar stuff. Here Dick, Rich Campbell, and Mike are playing back-up for him while he sang “Amazing Grace”. That was one of Caleb’s highlights! Caleb felt so encouraged, and I’m certain everyone enjoyed his little performances.

Bye for now!

Taylor (aka Spotty) for the Garms Family