Here’s the chicken coup update from the Garms Family: Leesha, Sam, and Jayme have been deemed unable to go to the Legacy Five concert tonight, because of their chicken pox. They are better bummed out, but have the night planned out to watch lots of Legacy Five videos and eat popcorn. 🙂 They continue to heal, but just not fast enough for the concert.

For those who are going-Dad, Mom, Ben, Caleb, and I-we have to be getting ready here. Cameras ready for lots of pictures and videos, food snacks along for hungry people, suits for the guys, and hairspray for the girls. Okay, kind of a random checklist, but suffice to say, we are excited…and sad at the same time.

We miss you Leesha, Sam, and Jayme! Get better SOON!

Now we know why we didn’t have many concerts in September…