As I write, we have a horse on our land.

No, we don’t own a horse, though many of us dream of having a horse or more. Our friend Katie though rides horses and loves to share her horse Shelby with us. Right now Katie and Shelby are visiting for a while. How fun!
Last Thursday, Katie stopped with Shelby and all of we kids were able try riding. Here are some pictures…

Caleb (what a grin!)

Jayme (I love the look on her face!)

Sam (ride em’ cowboy!)

Leesha (in her wildest dreams!)

Taylor (yours truly!)

After our “riding lessons”, we tied up Shelby to a tree in the front yard and went in to have lunch. As Mom was finishing setting the table, she looked out the sliding glass door and saw a horse running down the road. “Shelby’s running away!” she yelled. All eight of us raced outside and tried to catch her, but it was too late.

We all piled in the van and sped (okay, we really didn’t speed, but we were moving!) after the runaway horse. We caught up to Shelby, but we let her run all the way to Katie’s grandpa’s farm where Shelby lives. I wish I grabbed my camera before we left the house; that was an experience like no other! Shelby ran the entire 2.5 miles down the road to the farm, and finally slowed down by the driveway. Katie got out and lead her to the pasture. At last!

While we were driving alongside Shelby, Katie said, “Now I know why you guys are called ‘Great Adventure!’ You’re always having great adventures!” 🙂

Hopefully Shelby will stay put today. If not, I’ll be sure to grab my camera!

Taylor for the Great Adventure Horse Riding Academy