If you watched the video of Caleb and Legacy Five, you may have noted Scott Fowler mentioning our recent chicken pox epidemic, and that Caleb was the only “non-chicken pox”.

That has changed.

While we were packing up our sound equipment after our concert on Saturday night, Caleb informed me that he had an itchy spot. I cringed as he then showed two other ones as well. Red spots, kind-of itchy, and…I was hoping they were bug bites.

We found more spots when we came home and Caleb got all excited when we confirmed my fear. He had chicken pox!

Thankfully, he has the lightest case of our family, but his spots are beginning to itch more today. We’re almost done with chicken pox, for good, I hope.

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for the Garms Chicken Coup