I wrote these entries while traveling to the Midwest Quartet Convention on Friday, October 22nd; enjoy the trip!

Traveling with the Garms family. Leesha, Sam, and Jayme just ended a stuffed animal court session, declaring the suspect “not guilty” (don’t ask for details!), Caleb is browsing through a Vision Forum catalog, Ben is pointing out his dream truck, Dad is driving and Mom is relaxing. And of course, I am writing up this blog entry for you!

The van is usually a center for lots of interaction. You’ll find us goofing off with one another (our sense of humor can be very…uh, unique!), talking about our destination (the Midwest Quartet Convention), pointing out interesting sights (i.e. cars, horses, weird people dressed like Superman, beautiful scenery, helicopters, etc.), discussing the future and our ministries, and just being the Garms.

But right now, it is quiet. The only sounds are the van, Dad talking on the phone, and me typing on my laptop. Mom is looking at us, as if to make sure she’s in the right vehicle. J Her quiet smile assures us of her love and pride for her children. It is nice to be family.

Whew! We were singing our hearts out with “Boundless Love” on the “Remember the Music” CD! Caleb was blaring the last note right beside me and we were all trying to add our own little licks to the song. We love that song! I just heard Jayme ask, “Are we almost there yet?” We are in Iowa, Dad’s home state, finally, and nearing our destination. Mom announced we will be having lunch soon (sandwiches!!) and a cheer of excitement rose from the Lil’ Adventurers. They are eager to have salami sandwiches. 🙂

Earlier we stopped at a gas station and the “old folks” got some coffee. When Mom and I delivered the coffees to Dad and Ben, I handed Ben his caramel cappuccino/coffee blend and headed back to my seat with my French vanilla cappuccino. After letting it cool for a while, I took a sip of mine and scrunched up my nose. It was the weirdest French vanilla cappuccino I had tasted. Oh well, I’d bear with it. My blonde brain suddenly had a random thought: Maybe I had Ben’s caramel coffee! I smelled it, and with my suspicions aroused, I passed it up to Ben to see what he would say. He confirmed my “blondeness”: I had mixed up our coffees! We quickly switched cups. Taking a drink of my actual French vanilla, I still thought it tasted funny…

If you entered a rest stop near the Minnesota/Iowa border and heard a trio of four ladies (go figure that one out!) singing “I Will Serve Thee” in the main area of the rest stop, that was us! We can’t help but sing everywhere we go!

We just finished listening to the Cathedral Quartet tribute CD with Gerald Wolfe, Scott Fowler, Mark Trammel, Danny Funderburk, and Glenn Dustin. What a wonderful CD! With the live atmosphere, the powerful songs, and the reminiscent blend of former Cathedral members, this concert experience is like no other. During Gerald’s prayer toward the end of the CD, he stated that we have sang “God is So Good” so many times that we have forgotten how good God really is. So true. How often do we take God’s goodness and provision for granted? We readily accept God’s gifts, but our thanks do not come as easily. We appreciate the provision, but we fail to appreciate the Provider. Oh yes, life is hard, sin is bad, but GOD IS GOOD. He so amazingly gives us what we need, food, clothing, family, and most importantly, our Savior; let us give Him thanks for His goodness.

Well, I need to finish my salami sandwich, so I will stop for now. We’re roughly 50-some miles away from Des Moines!

TRAVEL LOG: Entry Three-1st Half Done, Suppertime!
We made it safe and sound-that’s always a blessing! The afternoon set is done and we’re finishing supper in the hotel. How fun to watch the whole variety of groups! Sam’s favorite groups so far are the Chancellors, Stillwater, and Master’s Voice. It is interesting to be back in Adventureland; years ago, we went to the Adventureland amusement park, and it so weird to see places we visited as children. Da jah vou!

-Taylor for the gang