Last night we had the most special treat: seeing the new trio, Cross Point in concert! It was so neat, because they sang right in our living room! Such a cool up-and-coming group!

They opened with “I’m Feeling Fine” which featured the dynamic lead, and then they moved into “I Saw the Light” and “He Set Me Free”. The talented young lady of the trio was then given a solo on “This is the Day”, and then the group shifted gears into a mellow version of “We Three Kings”, accompanied by the young lady on violin.

My favorite song was their unique arrangement of “Jesus Loves Me”; it was very creative. The trio presented a fun version of “Joy to the World”, filled with crazy surprises-and it wasn’t even practiced, they said! When they first started on this one, one could hear them saying, “What key is it in? Oh no! This song doesn’t have a key!” “What do we do without a key?” “Just make one up!” That was interesting…

They asked us to sing with them on “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and then closed with an encore, “We Praise Thee Oh God.” What an energectic trio of young people!

Oh yeah, their names were Sam, Jayme, and Caleb. (Oddly familiar, don’t you think?) They have been singing since they started, which has been zero plus years.

(I love their product table! Note all the Booth Brothers’ stuff!)

Look for “Cross Point Trio” coming to a concert near you! 🙂

-Taylor for the family