Caleb trying his best Western look before we left for Hudson.

Good Evening!
Whew! I am feeling the effects of our busy weekend! Several late nights and two concerts, with tasks at home and church in between, are enough to wipe me out…at least for a little while. God continues to build stamina in us and will give us the strength to do His work.

On Friday, the 19th, we packed up and headed to Faith Community Church in Hudson, WI. Our friends, the Alzens of Roberts, WI, hosted a fundraiser for their upcoming adoption of two Ukrainian orphan brothers, Nikolai and Dmitry, and they asked us to sing with them. What fun we had with them, old friends, and new ones as well!

Jayme had caught a bug the day before and was still trying to rest at the church when I took this picture. She was able to sing with us, for which we are SO grateful!

Ben setting up the moniters.

I didn’t realize there was so much snow in Wisconsin (being the blonde that I am, I thought Minnesota was the only state that got so much snow this past weekend!).

The Alzens during their soundcheck. What an awesome family and talented musicians and singers! It has been a privilege to get to know them better over the past two years.

I think Dad and Caleb counted about 30 instruments on stage!

Tune up!

Two smiling kids and one lost in space before the concert.

Leesha and “Mr. Johnson Experiment” dobro. (That’s her name for her “baby”.)

Ben and Isaac Alzen chatting before the concert.
My little sisters. 😉

A view from the entryway of Faith Community Church.

Singing on stage (I obviously did not take this picture-Jayme did!)

Leesha and I during “Wayfaring Stranger”.


The Alzens on stage.

Mr. and Mrs. Alzen talking about adoption.

The “Cowbell Medly”! The Alzen kids perform this song with cowbells, and it always cracks our family up! The Alzens bring much joy and fun into their concerts.

Afterwards, clean-up time!
Tomorrow morning we have a concert in Cloverdale, MN, on Thanksgiving we’ll be singing in Tracy, MN, and then we’ll be in our hometown of Braham on the 28th (in fact, the church a half-mile away from our home!). A busy week ahead of us!
Hope to see you soon!
Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for the Garms