Happy Thanksgiving from the Garms Family!

At this moment of typing, we are traveling (what else would we be doing?) to southern Minnesota. Tomorrow we have a concert at Tracy Alliance Church in Tracy, MN, so we decided to come down a day early (as it would be an EXTREMELY long day if we took off in the morning). We plan to also visit a few relatives while we are in the area.

We kids just finished a rousing conversation about our Civil War reenactment crew. (Yes! We are stopping at a rest stop; about time!) It was decided that we’d all be Union: Jayme would be a horse groom, Caleb would be a corporal, Sam would be a cavalryman, Leesha would be a
lieutenant, I would be an aide to General George B. McClellan, and Ben would a sergeant, I think. We had fun creating a cast of Civil War soldiers.

We are driving past the bluffs of Le Suer, MN. This road is so familiar to us older kids, as we would travel this way to Grandpa and Grandma Junkers’ house years ago. The stories we would create about the bluffs and caves have stayed with us; the tales echo along the roadside. “I love the bluffs,” Leesha just said in front of me. To our left, the twisted trees, stripped and bent by numerous tornados add an eerie, but comforting feeling to the trip. It has been dubbed,
“Tornado Alley” by us children.

The most infamous story we tell our younger siblings about the bluffs is the one with Tom and Jerry, Frank and Scott, and Danny (Ben, Leesha, and my story characters from the old days). Some of these soldiers were brothers and all were best friends. Once they were being chased by enemies in the bluffs of Le Suer county. Bombs were exploding and bullets whizzing everywhere. The friends were speeding along the bombed-out road on their Jeep, escaping the enemy. Tom then had the idea of hiding in a cave, but when he went to check it out, a mine exploded and the cave collapsed on him. The soldiers had to leave their friend and brother behind. It was so sad. Tom (Ben’s character) was always the hero. Typical!

Now we are at a Holiday gas station on the outskirts of St. Peter, MN. This city always scared me when I was little because it was, and still is often hit by large storm-systems and tornados. A winter storm has finally hit us now with sleet and snow falling heavily all around us. (Dad’s trying to figure out how to get the van and trailer out of the gas station. Whew, we’re out now!)

During the ride, we kids are always on the look-out for “our” trucks. Each of us have picked out our favorite truck, for example: Dodge Rams (me), Ford 150s (Leesha), Toyota Tacomas (Ben), etc. (Imagine our driveway in the future filled with six trucks! 🙂 It helps pass the time

We just passed a playground here in Mankato, and Ben told us why he doesn’t like tire swings because of that exact park. (No further details will be shared.)

Well, enough of my random thoughts. Great Adventure Gospel Band/Garms Family is on the road, praying for protection and safety, and having fun together…as family.

Bye for now!

Taylor for the Garms 1058th Civil War Regiment