Happy 16th Birthday Leesha!

Leesha means “happy”, and that’s exactly what she is! With a cute giggle and a knack for making crazy imprompto songs and stories, she brings much laughter and joy into our home. Her beautiful lead voice is so important to our group, and her dobro playing and sign-language brings a new aspect to our music.

Without Leesha, games would be boring without her fun commentary; traveling wouldn’t be complete without a visit from her “therapy” Booth bunnies. Her ability to express herself through poetry is amazing, and her kind spirit to children and nature is sweet in our home.

It has been a blessing as a big sister to watch my best friend grow into a beautiful young lady. We have grown from dolls, sidewalk chalk, Matchbox cars, and hair bows to taking care of the home, guns and swords (no, really!), making meals on our own, and layered hair. It is stunning to look over at my little sister and see her wearing her new glasses and new hair-cut, and think, “When did we get older?” One thing has not changed, though, we’re still best friends!

Blessings on your new year of life. Sweet Sixteen! Wow. You are a blessing to us. Continue to mature in the Lord and draw closer to your Heavenly Father. Never forget to praise Him. God has brought you to and through so much.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” Psalm 150:6

BTW: Do you know how Leesha got her name? Years ago, Contemporary Christian artist Michael W. Smith recorded a song called, “I Hear Leesha” in tribute to a young lady who was killed in a car accident. Dad and Mom heard the song and name Leesha, liked it, and then named their fourth child, born December 3rd, 1994, Leesha. What a story!