At 5:30 AM on December 4th, Leesha’s alarm went off. Shortly after, I heard Dad’s voice say, “Good morning, girls, time to get up.” Whew, were we tired! Believe me, that is not our normal time to rise for the day!

We were invited to sing at Joy Lutheran Church in Cambridge, MN for a ladies advent brunch. They scheduled us for 9:30 AM, and because we have so much equipment and set-up, the van rolled into the parking lot about two hours before-hand, filled with the slightly tired Great Adventure Gospel Band.

Beginning the unloading process.

Sam and I discovered a leak in the ceiling; here Sam and Jayme try to catch the drips.

The snow plows were busy at work! We received about 5 inches during the night and it sure looked mighty pretty!

The Lil Adventurers loved to watch the plows.

Before the concert: Sam, Jayme, and Caleb like to view hymnals of different churches we go to and search for their favorite hymns.

Mom’s ingenius idea for decorating her bass. 🙂

I quickly snapped this picture of the band on stage during the concert.

Sam and Jayme reciting their Christmas poem (you have to hear it to find out what it is about!).

We had a wonderful time with the ladies (and some men as well!) at Joy Lutheran and were very blessed by their presence and love for us. We also shared a special moment when some ladies asked us to play with them while they sang “Silent Night” in German. That was so cool!
Merry Christmas!
-Taylor for the crew