Tis the season for decorating!
We almost always set up our Christmas tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but since we had an extremely busy Thanksgiving week, we did not accomplish it according to tradition! Rather, we decorated the tree in stages.
First, Captain Taylor, Sergeant Sam, Corporal Jayme, and Private Caleb began the process last Wednesday by actually setting-up the tree.

Don’t we look determined?

We haven’t had a “real” Christmas tree for years; it is much less of a hassle to take care of a “fake” one! 🙂

Then, on Saturday, we lighted the tree and put on decorations. Here Ben tries to string lights around the tree, but he eventually gave up and let Dad do it his special way.

Going through ornaments.

Mom laughing over an pathetic pine-cone ornament I made for her years ago. (Early stages of graphic designing, I guess!) 🙂

Sam, Jayme, and Caleb recreating the Nativity scene.

Leesha and I decorating a little tree for the girls’ room.

Then the best part-putting the ornaments on the tree! Caleb stretches to put one in the perfect spot.

Jayme was all smiles! By the way, this little girl is so excited today, because she pulled out a tooth all by herself (she’s been terrified to do it, but finally overcame her fear)!

Peek-a-boo! Ben and I hanging up ornaments.

Just having fun.

Caleb decided a tub which held some of the ornaments was more fun than decorating. Isn’t he creative?

Mom, adding her tender touch to the tree.

The finished product.

Okay, are you ready to laugh now? This decorating process took up Saturday afternoon and evening. The next morning at church, one of our friends announced they had an eight-foot Christmas tree to give away. Well, as you can see, our tree is tiny and becomes laden with more and more ornaments each year. Mom was curious about the larger tree, and…we ended up taking it home. Guess what? The process was reversed and then it started all over again! We had to de-decorate the tree, and then set-up the new tree and re-decorate it. Ha-ha! The tree is huge!! We call it “Samson” (or “Mammoth”; it depends on who you talk to). It is beautiful, and the former tree now resides on our deck for now. 🙂 It was exactly what we needed for our growing ornament crisis, and we love it (though we do miss the little tree sometimes).

Merry Christmas!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey! Taylor for the Garms