As I walked into the kitchen earlier this morning, I found Sam, Jayme, and Caleb diligently doing their school. And as I neared Caleb, I found he was just itching to tell me something.

“Taylor,” he began, “I’m a soprano!”

Well, this was breaking news! For about a year, Caleb has insisted he was a bass. He would go for the dive during our concerts, and try to sing a bass harmony whenever we sing together at home. He has often asked Ben to hit a low note to prove he can hit it too. He’d play a low note on piano, let out a growling noise, and then joyfully exclaim that he “could hit a C”! In fact, if you remember from the “I’m Feeling Fine” video with Legacy Five, he gave bass singer Glenn Dustin a run for his money!

Since I had known he was a soprano for a number of years, I feigned surprise, curious to see what caused this change of mind. “So, what makes you say that?” I asked.

“Well, when I try to hit those bass notes, those were actually lead notes! The notes I thought were low were lead notes! I’m actually a soprano!” he exclaimed with the joy of discovery written all over his bright face.

Later, sounds of joyous, high-pitched singing were heard from the bathroom (FYI: all Garms family kids have debuted in the bathroom; the Garms Family singers have been singing for almost 25 years ago in this special “concert hall”).

Joy in the Journey!

Taylor for the Garms