“Do you have CDs?”
It is inevitable that amongst the typical questions (“Are you all one family?”, “Whose the mother?”, “Who taught you all this?”, etc.) we receive at our concerts, this one question prevails above all, even above “Whose the mother?”. 🙂 Since we first began singing, people have told us over and over again, “You need to make a CD.”
The time has come.
For over seven months, Great Adventure Gospel Band’s first CD has been in the making. Frankly, it’s taken this great extent of time because 1.) we are learning about the recording process, 2.) it’s challenging to balance homelife, school, traveling, and recording, 3.) we have been trying to get the best equipment we can afford to get the best sound we can achieve, and 4.) it’s a slow process!
Early recording in the orignal “Cave”

The “Cave Studio” is located in our home and originated in Dad and Mom’s walk-in closet. Now it officially resides in the boys’ room, as it is more removed from the sounds of daily life, enhances the sound, has more space and light, and is most convenient for Ben (our wonderful engineer).

Ben and Uli recording some mandolin in the new “Cave” last week.

Yesterday, the last recording for the CD was accomplished: Mom’s bass playing on “Wayfaring Stranger”. Unless there are any overdubs which need to take place, we are finished with this step.


Did I hear a sigh of relief resound from the family?

The next step is for Ben to mix and master the songs we have recorded. This process relies heavily on Ben’s ear, and, as I type, he is analyzing “Bigger Than Any Mountain” in the Cave.

Ben, mixing.

It is amazing to see how Ben’s knowledge of recording, microphone placement, tracking, mixing, all the wonderful software tools, mastering, etc. have grown through this journey. Just yesterday, Ben showed me a clip he had recorded last summer of the Lil Adventurers, and then he compared it with the latest song we recorded. It was truly outstanding to hear the difference! (Ben: thank you! You are doing a awesome job; keep it up! God has great plans for your life, and thank you for using your gifts for the Kingdom.)

Yes, it is our first attempt, yes, we are still growing, and yes, it is not quite Nashville level, but we are striving to present the best CD we can with the talents, abilities, knowledge, and tools the Lord has given us for this time in our lives.

(BTW: Ben just announced he has two songs thoroughly mixed! Wahoo!)

Oh yes, here’s a sneak peak at a special addition to our first CD. Learn more by coming back again soon!

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Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for the Garms Gang