Well, if ya’ll are still wondering about a certain picture in a previous blog, please allow me time to explain it.
Mom usually is the one who comes up with the very interesting and unique ideas for our family band. She had the bright idea for our “Round Robin”, and she was also inspired for a special addition for our first CD.
After one of our concerts last summer, a friend from our church (who happened to be in attendance) shared what he enjoyed about our concert: our rendition of the old hymn, “Power in the Blood”. Now, if you have been to a Great Adventure Gospel Band concert, you have probably heard our rule…”You cannot leave until you sing with us.” “Power in the Blood” is usually our first opportunity for our audience to sing along. Whenever a particular audience really enjoys singing-whew! Talk about raising the roof! 🙂 Anyway, our friend said that he “liked that ‘Power in the Blood’ when everyone sang.” This started Mom’s wheels turning.

She later brought up the idea of having our church choir join us on this song for our CD. We thought about it, and then it kind-of got put aside during our busy summer.

In November we had a sit-down talk about our CD.

Part of the Round Table/Couch Discussion

We all shared our ideas and expectations, and again the idea of inviting our church choir came up. After discussing it, we all agreed it would be a fun addition to our CD.

The other part of the Round Table/Couch Discussion