This post is slightly overdue, being it is now the second day of March. But I cannot let time slip away from me before I share a review of our most recent concerts…
The “Big Adventurers” getting in some kitchen practice before our concerts.


The Lord graciously provided five concerts in February for our family in relatively short notice. On February 2nd, we arose early and traveled toward the Twin Cities…Robbinsdale, MN, in fact. We were invited to sing at Copperfield Hill Senior Living, and we had a wonderful time with the sweet people there. It was the first time to do a normal, non-Christmas program since November, so it was interesting to get back into the swing of things.
Allow me to explain this place for you a little. It is a five story building, and the room where we sang was open to four levels. A portion of the residents came down to our level, but some just pulled up chairs by the railings, watching us from up above. It was interesting to have an audience on either side, above us, and even behind us! It makes my neck sore to remember it.

Sam, Jayme, and Caleb’s version of “My Heart is a Chapel” and Ben’s solo of “Wonderful Time Up There” brought many smiles to the people of Copperfield Hill. 🙂
Also a highlight was having our Grandma Garms in the audience; her friend and ours, Teresa, was responsible for us going to Copperfield in the first place.

Grandma, and the accordian she was playing the day she went into labor with Dad! 🙂

Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb snacking on some crackers in our “apartment” for the day (actually the room where we placed all our “stuff”).

A familiar scene during our busy concert week-the Garms family loading, unloading, waiting for everything to be loaded, trying to look busy, and finally hitting the road.

A week after our concert at Copperfield, we rose even earlier to arrive at Faith Lutheran Church in Forest Lake, MN in time to set-up all our equipment for the 12:30 p.m. concert for their senior brunch. Our set-up went pretty fast, so we had spare time to do a photo shoot. (Thus the new photos you see on the blog.)

This picture will not make it as a CD cover, I assure you, unless for some strange reason we suddenly like ourselves in purple and red!

We had an enjoyable time with all the folks there, and were surprised to meet a new friend, Russell, from our small town of Braham! He grew up here, and loves to return to watch the basketball games. (Our little town has a state champion highschool basketball team, for your information.)

A rare photo: Leesha’s view of us singing “He’s Still Working On Me.”


Shortly after on Friday, February 11th, the van and trailer traveled to Baxter, MN to sing at First Baptist Church for their Valentine’s Day Banquet. What fun we had! Caleb was especially in an unpredictable mood and kept us in stitches during the concert (like when he jumped off the stage with his guitar and harmonica and kept adding new things to his solo), and Sam, Mr. Spiritual Movement, could not keep still the entire night! We were very blessed and enjoyed getting to know Pastor Wayne and his wife Margie (whew, can they cook an awesome chicken kiev!) and all the wonderful, encouraging people who attended the concert.

Mom, helping Dad do the usual soundcheck.

On Sunday night we sang at Milaca Evangelical Free Church in Milaca, MN, and it was like a step back into time. We had a concert there in June of 2009, the day after Ben’s graduation party (were we tired!), and though it was significantly colder than June, everything was so familiar. As we began unloading the trailer, Ben and I were commenting on how much we have grown since our first concert there. Each practice session, each concert, and each mile traveled brings us further along in our growth.

One of the best things about Milaca E. Free is their HUGE chancel area! We often are squished into some pretty tiny spots, so it was nice to have “moving” room!

Jayme and Caleb singing out of the church’s hymnbooks.

Our final concert was on February 14th-yes, Valentine’s Day itself. This concert was especially memorable for several things: Dad and Mom sang their first “love song” on stage and we got a ton of exercise! The banquet/get-together we sang for was in the basement of Tobies Restaurant in Hinckley, MN, and we had to maneuver through corridors and small doorways to get to the room, walk carefully around ice patches outside, make extra trips because of the interesting situation, and survive the elevator!

Oh yes, I think this was one of our tightest areas to set-up in!

Jayme especially was terrified of the noisy elevator!

WHEW! There you have it! My mind is relieved having completed this blog…now I can move on to other things. I apologize for it’s extreme length; that’s what happens when you get behind!

Come back soon for a number of exciting things!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!

Taylor for the Garms Family