In Garms Family news, the most exciting thing besides some of us trying Spam for the first time during lunch today is (and yes, most of us liked the Spam)…contributing for

Wow. In the words of Caleb, “It sure is going to be exciting and really, really fun!”

Okay, here’s the background:

We discovered after I noticed a considerable leap in YouTube views on the video of Caleb and Legacy Five. Puzzled, and instantly curious, I googled “seven year old boy sings with Legacy Five”, and found Daniel J. Mount had featured the video on his blog, We once stumbled across his blog while doing some research on a favorite group, and I had heard of Daniel J. Mount on various other Southern Gospel blogs, but we weren’t regular visitors. Suffice to say, we were surprised, and enjoyed reading all the comments about the video.

We later struck up an email conversation with Daniel, and soon became a favorite site for our family, as we loved the current news and commentary about the genre.
Over the course of about four months, we joined into the Southern Gospel conversation, and had fun sharing thoughts and opinions.

During a recent comment conversation, a commentor suggested we start our own SGM blog, particularly with the Lil’ Adventurers’ thoughts about the genre. I must admit, that very night I was searching out available blog domain names, and the ideas were bouncing back and forth in our family! The next day, though, we found an email from Daniel J. Mount in our inbox, inviting us to contribute to SGBlog. After more information through multiple emails and a phone conference with Daniel, we agreed to join “Daniel’s Den”. 🙂

Most of the family during the phone conference; Caleb, understandably, opted out when things started “going over his head” (that’s what he said!), and Ben is snapping the photo (Why do I still say “snapping”? Everything’s digital nowadays!).

So, in short, be on the look-out for interesting posts from our family. We have started a notebook with all of our post ideas, and some of them will be quite fun-if approved! 🙂

If you love Southern Gospel Music, then is the place to be. Visit today to read interviews with your favorite artists, reviews on new CDs, interesting commentary, and lots more.

Click here to read the introductory post, “Welcome new contributors – the Garms Family!” (Make sure you read the comments-you’ll love the banter with Sam, Jayme, and Caleb!)

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for TGF

(TGF stands for “The Garms Family”, and is our snazzy new alias from Daniel J. Mount) 🙂