As February turned into March, we couldn’t help but wonder what was ahead. We remembered thinking last September when we had only one concert, “What’s going to happen that we need the entire month of September off?” September rolled around…and so did the chicken pox, explaining why God allowed us the month off to recover. Well, March, with no concerts has arrived, and yes, the cold and sniffles have invaded our home.

Sam was hit first and now Ben, Caleb, and Jayme have officially fallen ill as well. Mr. Sam, known for coming up with the most unique, slightly ingenious, but mostly silly little diddies, approached me last night with his “Cold and Sniffles” theme song:

“I have a cold and a cough and a sneeze and a wheeze.

I have hives playing hopscotch on my knees.”

*Poor Sammy was stricken with hives from, what we presume, a cough drop, and that explains the reference to hives in the song. (Unfortunately, the hives remind some of us of the chicken pox, so we hope they go away soon.)

All this comes about when we are trying to record our Christmas CD, so pray we recover quickly in order to be in the best vocal conditions for the recording!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for TGF

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