Good Afternoon Friends!

It is almost 70 degrees here in our town of Braham, and the humidity is wonderful! At last we can open the windows and let the fresh spring air flow through the home!

This concert review is overdue (I’m a poet, and ya’ll didn’t know it!), but life has been busy around the Garms Family home. Forgive me for my tardiness and procrastination!

I left you hanging on a countdown for the Booth Brothers in my last blog, and yes, the day finally arrived on Saturday, April 2nd. I awoke to Sam, Jayme, and Caleb saying: “Hey! This is Sam, Jayme, and Caleb Garms. We are the Little Adventurers reporting for” But more about that later…

The day was filled with joyful and excited preparation. We gathered cameras, gummy bears, and pillows for the trip (but let me assure you, no one fell asleep on the way home!).

The family, all ready to go! (Note the nametags: the suspense is building, isn’t it?) Whitney unfortunately had to work, but otherwise, she would have joined us for the concert.

Almost there! We finally made it to Maplewood, MN and stopped at a favorite site – Arby’s! – for a restroom stop. 🙂

We were the first people at the church, other than the Booth Brothers and the promoters (go figure for arriving two and half hours early!). We sat and waited, enjoying each other’s company in the sunshine and greeting people as they came. 🙂 Caleb (above) proudly displays his nametag. Yes, we brought questions and Leesha’s and my new video camera for gathering some blog material during the concert, and did we have fun with that! (I cannot tell you how many people asked, “What’s a blog?”) Keep scrolling for a video result of our on-the-site reporting.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. 🙂 This was Sam, Jayme, and Caleb’s post during the waiting process.

Yes, after much waiting, the concert began! It was such a wonderful time to listen to Ronnie and Michael Booth and Jim Brady share from their heart and God’s Word through their music and message. We were uplifted and encouraged, and inspired to be better performers ourselves. They are so polished, so relaxed on stage, and so ministry-focused.

Part of the Front-Row, Full-Pew Crew.

Jim Brady saving money on car insurance. 🙂 Yes, he “supposedly” answered his phone during the concert. (And yes, we have been guilty of answering phones on stage as well – just once, mind you! It was an important phone call! But Jim had no excuse! 🙂

Caleb during “I’m Feeling Fine”. 🙂 Michael later told Caleb, “If I forget the words, I know exactly where to look”, as he was singing along with almost every song. We heard many of our favorite Booth Brother songs…even a song I was hoping they wouldn’t sing, “All Over the World”. 🙂 Leesha loves the calypso beat, but I don’t necessarily appreciate it. But I admit, they had a lot of fun with it, and so did we!

Michael talking to the audience at intermission. (We like this picture!) 🙂

Ronnie talking with the family.

After the concert, Ronnie and Michael just infused our family band with wisdom from a group who has traveled many more years and miles. We were overwhelmed with all their insight – in a good way – and we greatly appreciated their time and stories. We learned A LOT!

Speaking of time and talking, here’s one of the most exciting highlights of the concert! Sam, Jayme, and Caleb had the privilege to interview Michael Booth for What a special moment and piece of history for our family. Michael was as witty and hilarious as ever, but just as serious and open-hearted. The lessons also contained in the interview are very pertinent to everyone, and we learned much from his transparency.

Watch the video below, and if you like, you can read a transcript of the interview (thanks YGG!) on SGBlog by clicking here. But you don’t want to miss this video! The hilarity and spontaneity of Michael, and cuteness and response of the LAs is a must-see, plus the added footage is fun as well. Ben and I put much time in preparing this, and we hope you enjoy it!

We are still reliving memories! We treasure the time we had together as a family, the fellowship and catchin’ up with many friends we’ve met along the way, making new friends, and of course, the ministry of the Booth Brothers. We were very blessed.

And yes, we were asked if we were related to the Booth Brothers…again. 🙂 (And the answer is still “no”.)

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!

T for TGF