As warm-ups are being completed before we set into a serious practice, I have some time to update ya’ll on the interesting happenings of Great Adventure/The Garms Family…

Last Thursday, our sweetheart Jayme fell ill with, you guessed it, the stomach flu. We thought we’d be free from flu viruses at least for quite a few years as the entire family caught it about two or three years, but no! She was feeling better this Sunday, and then she shared it with Caleb on Monday. Oh brother! Then Jayme got sick again yesterday, so we had two sickies recovering on the couch last evening. (They were already feeling lots better, though, as during supper last night, we kept hearing them laughing their heads off over the capitals of states!)

All this comes as we are preparing for our first concert of April tomorrow, which is in Aitkin, MN…where Leesha and Ben just heard on the weather radio the Mississippi River is rising considerably and could flood on Thursday. We may be singing for the fish tomorrow! (Great, none of us really know how to swim either…)

We are praying Jayme and Caleb would be completely recovered and strengthened for the concert. We have performed without certain members of the family before (when Dad was at work, Leesha when she was very sick with laryngitis and pink eye, and Caleb when he caught a mysterious bug during the Fourth of July weekend), but without two LAs? As I type, they are singing strongly a new song, but we pray for continued healing.

Should be an interesting concert adventure!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!

T for TGF