Here’s something I don’t normally have the chance to do – I get to write a blog!
Which one of our children was an absolute model baby in the hospital? One who didn’t cry and spent most of her time with her mom in the room, and not in the nursery? (And who within an hour of getting home couldn’t stop crying? – Mom)

This is none other than our dear high-descant, mandolin-fiddle-and-piano-playing blonde Taylor. (She was born with lots of blonde hair!) Her 19th birthday was Friday, April 8th. What a delight it was to celebrate with this sunshiny young lady. Grandpa even came with a special homemade chili as a treat!

Heading to the hospital to deliver Taylor seemed like just a few days ago. What a gift she is to Kris and I.

Happy 19th Birthday, Taylor!

-Dad for TGF