“Sighting! Sighting!”

For years, whenever our family has clearly witnessed God’s hand at work in our lives, someone is always apt to exclaim: “Sighting!” The phrase comes from the time when us older four (Whit, Ben, Taylor, and Leesha) were just young whippersnappers and Mom was reading the “Tales of the Kingdom” series to us before bed. It was a highlight of the day and we eagerly looked forward to each new adventure and lesson. We came across a story which described a young boy looking for the King. Each time he would spy the King, in sometimes the most obscure ways, he would cry “Sighting!” Henceforth, it has become a favorite cry in our family. 🙂

Last year we began a notebook which we lovingly entitled, “The Chronicles of Sightings”. It came out of a period when I in particular was wondering if God truly exsisted and cared to be involved in our lives. Dad and Mom brought the idea to the family to chronicle the times we’ve spotted God clearly working in every detail, providing for all our needs, and moving mountains we were powerless to move. Stories began to fill up the pages over the weeks, but in the midst of cleaning for company shortly after, the notebook was moved from the kitchen counter to a quiet spot in the back of the home, sitting unnoticed for many months.

Not too long ago, we pulled the notebook out of its hiding place to resume its familiar resting spot. Since then there have been more entries, and I think it’s time to share and give God the glory through some of the chronicles we recorded. He alone deserves the wonderful praise for all the intricate and amazing things He works in our lives, sometimes things so small we overlook them, or so huge that we are overwhelmed by His gracious hand.

And what better and more timely topic to start with then the Glory Bus? 🙂

To quote the chronicle from May 11th, 2011…

“Ever since we traded in our van for the “Glory Bus”, we have seen God’s leading and gracious provision through:

the sign of the rainbow;
– no high MN sales tax (it was an even trade);
– installing the hitch was half of what we were expecting to pay;
– special cleaning chemical worked for one of the headlights, instead of [having to buy] two new ones;
– diesel being less than regular gas. [Recently when we filled up the bus, it was actually less than regular gas!]”

God has worked many little details to provide for our bus while on a tight budget. Things we thought tough or impossible to cover financially God has provided. We are amazed at His provision; give Him the glory, honor, and praise!

Next up on “The Chronicles”, surprise blessings through Dad’s unemployment!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for TGF