We are sitting in a Holiday Inn Express 359 miles away from home. Mom just finished reading the Sugar Creek Gang to Sam, Jayme, and Caleb…and to us bigger kids as well! We’ve eaten some food, gotten into our pajamas, settled in, said a family evening prayer, and have started to say goodnight.

What a day.

We left the home after 8:00 this morning to head to Watertown, WI. It took us about seven hours to finally arrive at our destination (counting numerous restroom stops!). Traveling is very comfortable in the Glory Bus; we are grateful for our “new wheels”. 🙂

The concert at Christ United Methodist Church went well with plenty of interesting happenings. Probably the most unique thing was the amount of bugs (mainly moths) which swarmed around the lights right outside the front doors of the church – exactly where we needed to load! So, suffice to say, that was rather disgusting. I think Caleb and Sam both ate a bug apiece, and their opinion was “crunchy”. Leesha had one moth go up her nose, and Sam and Jayme had moths in their eyes. YUCK! 😀

Anyhow, we had a wonderful time with those who attended the concert tonight! A special thanks to Barbara for making us feel so welcome and comfortable; she really went out of her way to make sure we had everything we needed. We were blessed.

I will write more some other time about this whole adventure, but right now I’m too tired to think straight! 🙂 (I’d better stop typing before I write something crazy!)

Tomorrow morning we are singing at Bethesda Lutheran Home here in Watertown. Bethesda Lutheran Communities is a service/home for those who struggle with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are looking forward to ministering to all the precious people who reside at Bethesda and the devoted staff!

Again, please keep us in your prayers during this busy week! We appreciate it!

Okay, goodnight friends!

Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for TGF