In seeing the last time I posted here was August 1st, I figured it was quite time for another blog! So much has been happening that I do not even know where exactly to start, so I’ll take a creative approach and put my family on the spot with the simple question:

“What two things have happened in your life recently that are exciting, big…or just what you’ve been up to?”
We’ll see how this goes! (I think some people will be easier than others!)
Caleb: “I lost two teeth recently, and I have been collecting toads and frogs with Sam; I kept a toad for a day, and fed him worms and made a nice grassy home for him!”
Jayme: “I’m very much looking forward to and waiting for the day when we open for Legacy Five. I’ve also been outside a lot, and I have to admit, INSIDE a lot, playing with my LEGO horses.”
Sam: “I’ve been helping Dad work on airplanes, and I have been practicing my slingshots with Caleb. Also I have been trying to learn German, but I have to eat sauerkraut though!” (Grandpa Junker told him he had to eat sauerkraut before he could learn German.) 🙂

Leesha: “Nothing!” (She then breaks into a giggle.) [Oh, come on! There’s got to be something!] “What is the meaning of ‘recently’? How recent is ‘recent’?” [I told you some people would be easier than others! 😉 ] [“LEESHA!”] “I was looking at the calendar to see if there was anything important on there! What was your question again?” (Reads question again.) “The Iowa trip is obviously the ‘biggest’ thing that has happened in the past two months. I can’t believe it is already done; I still think we’re planning for it! I think we would have enjoyed it more if we hadn’t been so tired and our tire hadn’t blown – that added an exciting twist to it all.” [Taylor’s interjection: Keep your eyes open for more details coming about this incident!] “Nothing much else, except for day to day things: school, practice, making meals, eating meals, and planning meals…and life!” 🙂
Taylor: “Oh, I’m next! THAT should be pretty easy! The two biggest, most exciting, most exhilarating, the most thrilling, and most invigorating things which have happened in my life are publishing my very first website – made entirely from scratch; it’s amazing my mind hasn’t exploded yet from living in code and Photoshop for the past few months!! – for 4 His Love Quartet (check it out, if you’d like, at, and purchasing a new, “peach-colored”, wood-toned Morgan Monroe MMS-8 mandolin! I’m especially excited about my beautiful mandolin – I absolutely love it! Okay, those are the big things. Moving on…”
Ben: “Recording our Christmas CD and growing even more skilled at audio engineering over these past 14 months has been exciting! I went from absolutely nothing to what I know today. It has been fun learning new techniques and putting into practice what I’ve already learned. Also, getting to know friends better is something I’ve been shooting for recently.”
[Sam just came in and said, “Taylor, I’d like you to meet somebody.” He pulled a toad out of his pocket and it started climbing out his shirt. “Meet Tiny the Toad!” he said. Then a short time later he came in again, repeating, “Taylor, I’d like you to meet somebody”. A toad leaped from his hands and started exploring the carpet, with Sam following behind crying, “No! No! Come back here, Teenie!”. Finally, big sister Taylor had to intervene, and saved the day by grabbing the escapee and releasing the small reptile outside.]
Mom: “I did something I didn’t think I could do: I came up with my own pattern and sewed curtains for the bus, and actually really enjoyed sewing! In the past, sewing and golf were just two things I wouldn’t claim any knowledge or skill about, but who knows, maybe I’ll get into sewing skirts for the girls of this family! Now, golf….I can honestly say, forget it!! :)”

Dad: “What’s been really neat for me is being home this summer, as in not being an employee. I’ve been around my family and have been able to work on things around the home. The other thing was the tire blow-out last week! I can’t think of anything else other than working on the bus; that’s been my summer!”
That’s a small piece of “life” from the members of the Garms household! We’ll (Lord-willing) continue to update you on road stories and other family happenings as the days roll on. Also, we have two concerts this weekend; check out our calendar for more info, and we’d love to see you somewhere! 🙂
Blessings and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for The Gang