With his zany smile and sharp wit, 12-year old Sam has brought countless smiles to our faces and doubled us over in laughter.  His knack for crazy facial contortions keeps us in stitches, and yet his thoughtful perspectives add plenty of depth to our conversations.  (And Sam’s comedic dance moves on stage often leave audiences laughing till their sides hurt!  Too bad people don’t see the ones he does here at home!)

Sam on his 12th birthday – January 18th, 2012  (The picture on the bottom left is his signature “Senator Sam” pose!)

Silly (and serious simultaneously!)

Sam randomly chose a psalm today (after first suggesting 117), and landed at Psalm 131, which is only a verse longer than 117.  🙂  He then chose Psalm 132 so we could at least all get a verse.  But here’s a verse from 131 I thought I would share for Mr. Sammy:
“O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time forth and forevermore.”
(Psalm 131:3 ESV)
Happy 12th Birthday Sam!  We love you dearly and remember, “Be responsible, young man!” 🙂
Blessing and Joy in the Journey!
Taylor for the Garms Family