Pure harmonies, live instruments, a powerful story

David and Kris Garms band together with their sons and daughters, Ben, Taylor, Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb, to encourage Christians to live the life of faith.

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Who is The Garms Family?

Simply put, we are ordinary people who love the Lord and love music. We’re David & Kris, Ben, Taylor, Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb, and we live in the coulees of Wisconsin (when not parked at Walmart). 

We homeschool, create music in our home studio, play basketball at fuel stops, but most importantly, we love to tell others what Christ has done in our lives.

Not one of us is worthy to stand on stage; daily we fall short of the glory of God. But we serve a wonderful Savior Who saved us from our sin and we proclaim this hope with our voices and instruments.

I can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful time our congregation had at your concert last Saturday night. It was emotional, powerful, professional and Gospel all rolled into one! Your passion for music and the sharing of the Good News of Jesus Christ is extremely inspiring and the amount of positive comments I received afterwards are truly a testimony that the Spirit was alive and working in our midst that evening. Each of you are talented in your own unique way; your passion to sing, to share the Gospel with others, and to light up a room with a smile is infectious. I certainly hope you can return to us again next year, and sing for us the joys of the Lord, that is, if your tour path (and your motor home) will allow.

— Pastor James Thomas

Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, St. Charles, Missouri

Are you really one family?
Yes! We are one family—dad, mom, and six of eight kids! (The other two pursue other interests in life.) All of us are called to sing and minister through music. And trust us: it’s sometimes only the calling of God that gets us through a month on a motorhome or a practice session! We do love being together—98% of the time!—and spreading the joy of Jesus as a team. Meet the band members
And you all sing?
Every one of us loves to sing! We have two sopranos, two altos, one tenor (for now—his voice is changing!), one baritone, and two basses. None of the kids had vocal coaching or instrument lessons, though everyone plays at least two instruments. What a wonderful opportunity to give all the glory to God for the “talent” He has entrusted to us! Listen to our music
How often do you travel?
As much as the Lord leads us! We launched into full-time ministry in September 2010 and currently average 80 concerts per year. Our home-away-from-home is a 40-foot motorhome we’ve nicknamed “The Nautilus”. (When it breaks down, we call it “Naughty”!) We strongly believe God called our family to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” through sharing music and Scripture. View our schedule

Our congregation recently had the opportunity to host a concert by The Garms Family. For any congregation looking for a very Biblical and well performed concert, I would highly recommend this group. Their music was Scriptural in content, entertaining, and professionally performed. Members who attended left with a “You should have been there!” feeling. The family was very generous in spending time with and witnessing to our members at the social that followed their concert. If you have any questions about our experience, I would be very happy to answer them.

— Pastor Richard C. Miller

Pastor, St. Mark Lutheran Church, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Our musical style

We can’t quite fit our music in a box! We weave an eclectic blend of Southern Gospel, bluegrass, a capella, and our own original flavor to create an experience that leaves a deeper impact than just “clean, family entertainment”.

Expect a refreshing variety of original songs, gospel classics, and hymns at each concert—as well as an instrumental or two. With up to five-part harmonies and over 15 instruments, a concert with our family is a musical journey all ages can enjoy.

Are you ready to read our story?

For over a decade, The Garms Family has sung everywhere from large auditoriums to a makeshift stage in a barn. The Minnesota family puts thousands of miles on their 40-foot motorhome each year. Road life can be grueling, but the late nights, the busy schedule, and the breakdowns are not the most challenging part. Read more

If we meet and you forget us, you have lost nothing. But if you meet Jesus Christ and forget Him, you have lost everything.