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Host A Night of Encouragement for your church and community!

We would be delighted to meet you and minister at your church or event! Please fill out the booking inquiry form below to see if we are a good fit for what you have in mind. Then, download the publicity material and let’s get the Word out!

Praise the Lord,
for the Lord is good;
sing to His name,
for it is pleasant!

PSALM 135:3

Got questions?

Here’s what people wonder about as they consider hosting a Garms Family concert. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Where do you sing?
Where the Lord leads! Our family sings at all kinds of churches, conventions, and events! We don’t sing for weddings, birthday or anniversary parties, and most fundraisers as our musical presentation isn’t suited toward those occasions. We also do very few worship services for various reasons.
What do you charge?
We generally minister on a freewill offering basis. We’ll also ask for consideration of an additional set amount to help cover expenses. Our family works with everything from a straight-up offering to a set fee, but please be mindful that this is not only a ministry, but the livelihood for eight people.
Our event is outdoors—will you come?
Regrettably we are unable to fulfill requests for most outdoor events—as well as fairs and block parties—for a variety of reasons. There are a few outdoor festivals we still attend, but otherwise we limit these venues. It is our desire to be a good match for your event, so please consider hosting our family for an indoor concert. Thank you!
Do you sing only Gospel songs?
Yes! Our calling is to lift up the name of Jesus, encouraging people to know and find all they need in Him, so we select songs that fit that goal. We usually throw in an instrumental or two, but the lyrics of our songs—whether written by us or someone else—point to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
What about sound equipment?
We bring all of our own equipment, including a sound board, microphones, monitors, speakers, cords, stands, and instruments. For power, we only need a single plug-in near the stage. Occasionally we’ll hook into a church’s speaker system if their room requires more amplification than we have available.
What kind of space do you need?
We try to work with all spaces, but a decent area to fit all eight of us, 16+ microphones, 15-22 instruments, sound equipment, and more is around 14′ x 25’—though bigger is better. We’ve squeezed into smaller spaces, but prefer a larger area on one level if possible.
Should we provide housing for your family?
Our home-on-wheels usually does the job! We certainly appreciate offers of housing, but our 40-foot motorhome has enough sleeping for all of us, plus two bathrooms! (Praise the Lord!) It is our home when on the road and where we feel the most comfortable.
Can we make a meal?
Wow, that’d be sweet of you! We love to eat (though you can’t tell by looking at Sam!) and are so thankful when people prepare food for us. Sit-down meals usually don’t work logistically either before or after a concert, but to-go is always great! One other note: Mom is gluten-intolerant and can’t eat wheat, so if you would consider that in your meal preparation, she would be blessed.

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“Pure harmonies, over 15 instruments, a powerful story. The Garms Family uplifts discouraged Christians with a live concert experience, refreshing music, and God’s Word.”

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8.5 x 11 Christmas Promotional Poster
Absolutely amazing is an understatement! Your family is so talented and respected.
Comment from Facebook

You were a great blessing to us this evening. The Lord is using your family in a mighty way. You have great gifts musically.
Comment from Facebook

Had the pleasure of having this family in our church last summer… Was such a wonder hour. Sure hope that they will be back. Just a marvelous family!!!
Comment from Facebook

Absolutely wonderful music and message. Highly recommend to all.
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Wonderful talent, encouraging scripture, and heart felt testimonies.
Comment from Facebook

We enjoyed your concert so very much! Your voices blended so beautifully. Thank you for the smiles. And thank you for the encouragement through the Word and your testimony.
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