The Upward Way


Released in 2018 • Hope, faith, and comfort. These songs not only minister deeply to our audiences, but to us. This collection of 12 hymns, original songs, and classics is focused on the promise of eternal life and that God walks with us every day, guiding on our upward way. Our prayer is that The Upward Way will bring “times of refreshing” (Acts 3:20) to you the same as it has to us.

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Song List

  1. Higher Ground
  2. When I Move On
  3. I’m But a Stranger Here
  4. Trusting You
  5. How Great Thou Art
  6. Just Beyond the River Jordan
  7. I Want to Walk with My Lord
  8. Never Walk Alone
  9. Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over
  10. I Don’t Know Why (Jesus Loves Me)
  11. What God Ordains is Always Good
  12. Stand by Me


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