Modern hymn Slow Tempo Southern Gospel

All We Need is You (Lyrics)

Verse One

We come today with open hands,

To let our needs be known;

For life, for health, for daily bread,

We look to You alone.


Verse Two

But when we ask for health and strength,

Sometimes we are denied.

But then in sickness and in health,

Your hand will still provide.



We lose the things we think we need,

And yet, You bring us through,

Until the day we finally learn,

That all we need is You.


Verse Three

We know what we would like to have,

The future we have planned.

And yet Your plans are greater far

Than we can understand.


Words by Daniel J. Mount | Music by Taylor Garms
Copyright © 2013 The Song Spot, BMI / Tomorrow’s Hymns, BMI