Ballad Folk Medium Tempo

Forsake (Lyrics)

Verse One

The people had gathered outside the king’s court

To hear what Isaiah would say

They’ed broken the serpent and leveled the groves

And thrown all their idols away

They thought God would thank them for doing their part

Yet He looked past their deed to their heart.



Forsake!  Forsake!

The thoughts that would lead you away from the Lord

Forsake!  Forsake!

The way that would bring you astray from His Word

Which path will you take, which choice will you make

From sin are you willing to break?



Verse Two

We carry our Bibles and offer our tithes

We vote the conservatives in

We’re standing for Israel, for marriage, and life

Ignoring our personal sin

We think God will thank us for doing our parts

Yet He looks past our deeds to our hearts


Words by Ben Garms and Daniel J. Mount | Music by Ben Garms
Copyright © 2013 The Song Spot, BMI / Tomorrow’s Hymns, BMI