Bluegrass Fast Tempo

I Know the End (Lyrics)


I know the end!

It’s news to make me whole

It’s joy to fill my soul,

It’s life to us my friend

I know the end!


Verse One

Imagine the disciples huddled in an upper room

You see the sleepless eyes and flowing tears

You’re hearing what they’re saying that the Lord has just been killed

Don’t you wish that you could whisper in their ears?


Verse Two

Imagine you are watching the Sanhedrin holding court

Saying, “Stephen stirs up trouble, spreading lies.”

Then the threats turn into actions and the stones begin to fly

Heaven’s standing open as he cries


Verse Three

Imagine you are banished to a distant Patmos mine

You’re worried Rome would stop the Gospel’s spread

When you went to John the Elder he was busy writing words

He put his parchment down and then he said


Words by Ben Garms and Daniel J. Mount | Music by Ben Garms and Taylor Garms
Copyright © 2013 The Song Spot, BMI / Tomorrow’s Hymns, BMI