A Center for Christian Music and Fellowship in Arkansaw, WI

Open House Dates

October 5 & 6, 2024

Open Houses at The Gospel Gym will return in Fall of 2024! You're invited to tour the building, experience a concert with The Garms Family, and enjoy a time of fun, fellowship, and inspiration. Sign up to get notified when tickets are available!

We believe Christian music impacts people for eternity. At The Gospel Gym, we're on a mission to create a place for concerts and events, music production, and fellowship so people are encouraged in their faith.

Watch the Video Series

Painting The Gospel Gym

Prep Day

Power washing, Part One

Power washing, Part Two

Painting, Fall 2022

Power Washing, 2023

Painting, Summer 2023

Watch The Gospel Gym get painted!

“Kinda like a big family reunion!”

— Glen K., Open House attendee

Open Houses
at The Gospel Gym

Experience The Gospel Gym

Experience the Midwest’s newest center for Christian music and fellowship, right at the biggest building in tiny Arkansaw, Wisconsin! People who love The Garms Family and those who live in the area are excited for The Gospel Gym’s future. “It’s already great and could only get greater.” Come to see the progress— or just to enjoy a great afternoon of music and fellowship!

When you attend an Open House...

  • You'll tour the building with either Ben and Jayme, Taylor and Sam, or Leesha and Caleb, visiting the gym, locker rooms, our personal offices, and other fun places! Tours last about 15-20 minutes. When we hold events in the gym, much of what you’ll see won’t be accessible to the public.

  • You’ll get the unique opportunity of hearing a candid and personal "Night of Encouragement" in the very room where we practice and record our albums! Experience God’s goodness and our family’s music in an intimate setting!

  • You'll connect with like-minded people and visit with our family. Fellowship is sweet at The Gospel Gym, but we usually make it even sweeter with award-winning ice cream, made in Wisconsin!  Those who've attended the Open Houses say it feels like family getting together. And we want you to feel the same!

“We drove 5 hours to attend, and it was worth every minute. So incredibly inspirational.”

— Dawn J., Open House Attendee

Why a family is turning a school into a ministry center

We're The Garms Family. For 15 years, we've toured America to love on people with live music, honest stories, and God's Word. Home for us is a 55,000 sq. ft. retired school in Arkansaw, Wisconsin. We’re renovating the building into The Gospel Gym, a center for Christian music and fellowship.

We haven’t always lived here. Years ago, before the music, God planted in us a desire to encourage people to follow Jesus and take Him at His Word, even when life is hard. A vision was born to buy a large building and hold events to uplift and equip people as they walk with the Lord. Our family would live in a wing as we ran this ministry center.

In 2019, God opened the doors for us to purchase the Arkansaw school. We’re converting the full-size gym into an event space called The Gospel Gym and the library into a recording studio. The classrooms are personal offices, residence sections, and potential rental spaces. The Gospel Gym will serve as a place for Christian concerts and events, audio and music production, and fellowship with people who love the Lord.

Watch this video about our first year

“When leaving the parking lot knowing the vision of their ministry… my heart was racing like when I see Lambeau Field in the distance!”

— Lonna P., Open House Attendee

"The smiles, the laughter, the tears... oh what a time! It was amazing to experience what the Lord is doing in Arkansaw through your hands! I hope this was only the first of many times I will visit the Gospel Gym."

— Vern L. Open House Attendee

Find The Gospel Gym

Need directions?

N6290 N H Street, Arkansaw, Wisconsin 54721

You can be part of what God is doing at The Gospel Gym!

Through events at The Gospel Gym, people are encouraged with music. We have major renovations ahead and need funds for supplies and construction. If you're lead to help us financially, you can donate here or write a check to The Garms Family, N6290 N H Street, Arkansaw, WI 54721. We're not a nonprofit organization, but your gifts will make The Gospel Gym a place where people are encouraged and the Gospel of Jesus is proclaimed!

The Gospel Gym — N6290 N H Street, Arkansaw, Wisconsin — (320) 396-3785