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Nights of Encouragement

Our family went live on Facebook when everything shut down in 2020 and shared what we called "a night of encouragement". This mini concert grew to over 50 episodes. People across the world have been uplifted through these special livestreams.

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Music to Inspire

On days when brokenness outweighs blessings, it’s easy to forget the love God has for us. Our family picked these hymns to remind you of His loving presence. “Hymns” celebrates the beauty and timelessness of some of the world’s most beloved songs. People who love old songs and peaceful harmony find this CD perfect for just relaxing or singing along in their car.


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“They are ‘world class’ musicians and singers and bring a powerful message of the Gospel along with their incredible music. If they are in your area, don’t miss their concert, you will leave uplifted and amazed.”

Morris and Julie L.

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