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Host "A Night of Encouragement" for your church or community! Start with an inquiry to see if we fit for what you have in mind. Download publicity material, and let’s get the Word out!

You can also contact David and Kris directly for booking inquiries: — (763) 242-6335

Booking FAQs

Got Questions?

In order to not burden churches, The Garms Family is willing to come on a freewill offering and reasonable set amount to help cover expenses. We also work with flat fees.

What do you charge?

The Garms Family sings at churches, conventions, and events as a stand-alone concert or featured artist! Our musical presentation doesn’t fit most special occasions: weddings, birthdays, anniversary parties, teas, and fundraisers. We also limit worship services.

Where do you sing?

Regrettably, we've chosen to not fulfill requests for outdoor events, due to variables ranging from distracted audiences to unpredictable weather. Except for a few outdoor festivals we attend annually, we have to pass on these requests. It’s our desire to effectively share our music and message— and be a good match for your event! (Maybe consider hosting the concert indoors?!)

Our Event is outdoors. Will you come?

Yes! Our calling is to uplift people with real music, honest stories, and God’s Word. We select songs to fit that goal. We throw in an instrumental or two, but the lyrics of our songs—whether written by us or someone else—point to Jesus Christ and how people can find all they need in Him.

Do you sing only Gospel songs?

What kind of space do you need?

The Garms Family tries to work with many spaces, but a decent area to fit all eight of us, 16+ microphones, 15-20 instruments, and sound equipment is around 14′ x 25’. Bigger is better! A large area on one level (if possible) is best.

We bring our own equipment, including sound board, microphones, monitors, speakers, cords, stands, and instruments. For power, we need a single plug-in near the stage. We hook into a church’s speaker system only if the room requires more amplification than we have available.

Do you need sound equipment?

We appreciate offers of housing! But Bertie, our 45-foot tour bus, (usually!) does the job with sleeping for all of us, kitchen amenities, and a bathroom. It’s also where we feel most comfortable. Sometimes a church or event center has a 50amp plugin, which is helpful to give the bus generator a break. 

Should we provide housing for your family?

Oh, yes! That’s sweet of you! We love to eat (you can’t tell by looking at Sam) and are blessed when people provide food for us. Sit-down meals usually don’t work either before or after a concert. So if you’re willing to prepare a to-go meal, we’d be very thankful! (Mom is gluten-intolerant and can’t eat wheat. If you’d also consider that in your meal preparation, she’d be doubly thankful.)

Can we make a meal?

Inquiry Form

Please fill out this form as best you can, and we'll reply to you soon! If you don’t hear back from us within a couple weeks, please email or call us directly!

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We're excited to see what you have in mind—and we'll try to respond as soon as possible. (Though life on the road makes email correspondence a little hard to manage!) If you need to let us know about a time sensitive matter, message us on Facebook— we'll see it faster!

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Promotional Material

Hang posters around town, put a slide on your church's screen, share photos in your bulletin, and get this press release in your newspaper! You can never invite people enough. If you're unable to download these files, please contact Taylor at

The Garms Family uplifts people with real music, honest stories, and God’s Word, bringing "A Night of Encouragement" across America.

With pure harmonies and live instruments, The Garms Family’s "A Night of Encouragement" is a remarkable musical presentation. The Garms Family is David and Kris Garms with their sons and daughters, Ben, Taylor, Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb. None of the three brothers and three sisters have had instrument or vocal lessons. Family hymn sings in the living room grew into over 15 instruments, ten CDs, and full-time touring across America. Guitars, piano, drums, fiddle, banjo, upright bass, dobro, and mandolin make up the core band. All members are skilled vocalists—from soprano to deep bass—and they switch leads, trios and quartets. 

The Garms Family calls their music “acoustic Christian.” People who like Southern Gospel love their style. Bluegrass lovers eat up their instruments. Fans of Keith and Kristyn Getty are drawn to their original songs. Between songs, The Garms Family weaves God’s Word, the Gospel, and their own stories of God’s goodness when life has been hard.

Audiences attend The Garms Family’s concerts wanting good music and a fun time. They walk away realizing they got so much more: Hope, comfort, a smile on their face— or maybe the first time to cry in years. The Garms Family inspires faith and hope as they share their hearts and God’s love to uplift people. “…emotional, powerful, professional and Gospel rolled into one!” (Pastor James Thomas, St. Charles, Missouri)

When not on tour in their 45-foot bus, The Garms Family lives in Arkansaw, Wisconsin, renovating a retired school into a concert hall (called “The Gospel Gym”), recording studio, and residence. They also host a free livestream concert series, "Sunday Nights of Encouragement", on Facebook and YouTube. Visit to learn more or join the family on social media.

Press Release

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Tell your church

Some churches announce a concert once… then forget about inviting their own congregation ever again! Hang posters on your doors, make a sign, post on the church’s Facebook multiple times, get it in your calendar, newsletter, and bulletin. Announce it at every service. You can never tell people enough!

Send announcements to every free area publication

Search for activities calendars, city event postings, Christian schools, newspapers, radio and TV stations… invite the community and surrounding areas!

Deliver posters in-person to area churches

Whew, sounds like a lot, right? But some of the most well-attended concerts are when the promoter personally visits churches and asks them to hang a poster and give an announcement! Pick a radius, print posters and an announcement to distribute, then stop at every open church. Ask the secretary or pastor if they’d hang up the poster, add the event to their calendar and bulletins, and announce in their services. Tell them how you think "A Night of Encouragement" would benefit people in their congregation. You could also make calls or email to ask if you could send a poster… but we’ve found a personal interaction is harder to turn down!

Hang posters in every public place you can think of

Restaurants, gas stations, thrift stores, libraries, book stores, and grocery stores usually have bulletin boards or window space for community events and offers. Just ask if you aren’t certain!

Submit an article to the paper

Use our press release as a framework. Don’t be afraid to add a personal quote about the event, what you’re excited about and (if you’ve attended one before) how our concerts have uplifted or inspired you! We have high-resolution pictures you can download from our booking page and email to editors.

Create Facebook events and posts

If you’re on social media, get the word out! Create an event. Post pictures and reminders. Personally invite people you know would enjoy or could use the concert! Tell them why you think they’d love it.

Enlist volunteers

Here’s one of our favorite tips! The most successful concerts we’ve seen are when a team of volunteers get involved! It creates excitement and ownership for the event in your congregation. And it heightens the experience for attendees and makes them feel welcome. Station people at the main entrance to greet and give directions. Enlist friendly volunteers as door greeters. Perhaps have a few stationed as ushers inside the sanctuary/auditorium. If your parking lot is a bit complicated, round up a team to coordinate parking and escort attendees. Ask your pastor to open and close the concert in prayer.

Put the concert on a sign

Does your church or venue have an outdoor sign? Get the concert on there! Don’t miss that free advertisement! Display who, what, and when!

Invite people, personally

Word of mouth is still the best promotion. A personal invitation goes a long way. Invite your friends, family, coworkers, the cashier at the grocery store, the janitor at school— anyone and everyone. Be brave. You don’t how God could use you and "A Night of Encouragement" to affect their lives.

— this is a great tip!

Thank you for hosting "A Night of Encouragement" for your church, event, and community! People are discouraged by hard things they’re facing in life. Our family is excited to uplift them through real music, honest stories, and God’s Word... so they’re encouraged to find all they need in Jesus Christ. As a concert host, YOU are a big part of making that happen. We thank you! Here are solid tips to help you promote…

9 Tips for Promoting a Christian Concert