The Garms Family tours America with Christian music and is turning the former Arkansaw school into The Gospel Gym, a Christian music and event center! You're invited to a Spring Open House at The Gospel Gym to tour the building, experience a concert, and enjoy an ice cream social. Limited seating! Must register for free tickets to attend. Donations will be raised to help renovate The Gospel Gym.

— Vern L., Open House Attendee

“It was well worth the drive! The smiles, the laughter, the tears... oh what a time! It was amazing to experience what the Lord is doing in Arkansaw through your hands!

Experience the Midwest’s newest center for Christian music and fellowship, right at the biggest building in tiny Arkansaw, Wisconsin! People who love The Garms Family and those who live in the area are excited for The Gospel Gym’s future. “It’s already great and could only get greater.”

If you want to see what’s happening at The Gospel Gym, now’s your chance! Come to see the progress— or just to enjoy a great afternoon of music and fellowship!

Witness God's work on June 1 and 2, 2024 at The Gospel Gym. Tour the building, get inspired by a concert with The Garms Family, and enjoy an ice cream social!

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"Kinda feels like a big family reunion!"

— Glen K., Open House Attendee

Event Timeline

Saturday, June 1 & Sunday, June 2, 2024

2 PM

Building Tours

You'll tour the building with either Ben and Jayme, Taylor and Sam, or Leesha and Caleb. (If you don't need a tour, you can just show up for the concert and fellowship!) You’ll visit the gym, locker rooms, our personal offices, and other fun places! Tours last about 15-20 minutes. When we hold events in the gym, much of what you’ll see won’t be accessible to the public.

3:30 PM

Concert in The Studio

You’ll get the unique opportunity of hearing a candid and personal "Night of Encouragement" in the very room where we practice and record our albums! People attend our concerts wanting good music and a fun time. Many walk away with the joy, comfort, or encouragement they needed. Experience God’s goodness and our family’s music in an intimate setting!

5 PM

Ice Cream Social

Fellowship is sweet at The Gospel Gym, but we're making it even sweeter at this Open House! Enjoy award-winning and highly-requested ice cream (made in Wisconsin!) after the concert. You can connect with like-minded people and visit with our family. Those who've attended the Open Houses say it feels like family getting together. And we want you to feel the same!

Doors close at 7 PM

— Dave W., Open House Attendee

"We are SO grateful that you shared your family and home with us yet again! It was a time of Praise and Fellowship..."

— Debbie B., Open House Attendee

"This was an amazing experience for me. Thank you for delivering God's message through your beautiful music."

The Garms Family

Meet your hosts

Hey there! We're David and Kris, Ben, Taylor, Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb— a fun-loving team of adventurers and musicians. For 15 years, we've toured America with live music, honest stories, and God's Word to love on people who need hope. Audiences say our concerts are like Branson but better. Fans of Southern Gospel, bluegrass, and inspirational love our acoustic Christian music. With over 15 instruments and eight vocalists, our music tells a clear message of God’s goodness when life is hard.

Our regular concerts—called Nights of Encouragement—are special, but none will be as candid and personal as our Open House at The Gospel Gym. We're thrilled to invite YOU to our home and music center!

Experience Our Music

We’re a tight-knit family from Arkansaw, Wisconsin who bands together for one reason: To encourage people. 

We'd love to encourage you! Join us on June 1 and 2, 2024... and become #partofthefamily!

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Choose either Saturday, June 1 or Sunday, June 2 and use the form below to register for your tickets. You'll receive an email confirmation and tickets to print. If you need help, email or call Leesha at (320) 396-3785!

Hurry! Seats are limited!

Contact us if you have questions or problems registering for tickets:
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Find The Gospel Gym

Here's our address: N6290 N H Street, Arkansaw, Wisconsin 54721

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The Gospel Gym, located in Arkansaw, Wisconsin, is a growing music and event center that used to be the former Arkansaw School. The 55,000 square foot building is being renovated by The Garms Family to serve as a gathering place for people to experience live Christian concerts and events, record albums, and fellowship with others who love the Lord. The Spring Open Houses on June 1 and 2 are opportunities for guests to explore the ongoing renovations and learn about its exciting future.

A center for Christian music, fellowship, and growth


Meet your hosts,
The Garms Family

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A family who lives in a school and tours America in a bus brings songs and stories of God's goodness when life is hard.